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[SEARCH] Mods that integrated mind control animations

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I tried battlefuck the other day and noticed it had a mind control animation that played (I believe from the baka animation list). After that I looked for more animation packs with that and found anub's (still looking for more ofc). I only had Baka because it was a requirement for another mod, but I'm curious if any mods have integrations with mind control stuff that seems fitting? 


To elaborate on that, to lose in combat and then have someone mind control you seems pointless, regular aggressive animations feel better there. But someone sneaking behind you and grappling you, and then mind controlling seems really hot. Are there any other mods which might fit mind control animations without it being lumped into combat loss stuff. 


Also side question as a sort of outsider to loverslab mods, will mods pull from any animation pack I have if it fits the tags for the scene? Or just from animation packs that are required for said mod. I realize there may not be one answer but just curious. If so I may be downloading and installing a lot more packs but don't want to do it and potentially start a new game without knowing if it'll impact stuff, thanks!





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