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I’m 27, female, and in a somewhat complicated situationship for the past four years, but honestly, he’s the love of my life and I can’t see myself not being with him. No kiddos. 
Even if I was married, I would consume adult content. I like making custom content for my game, I’ve been making content for the franchise for like 10 years now, so moving onto adult centered content made sense to me because I’m not a child anymore. I have different interests, sex being one of them. It’s a fun safe way to not only be creative, but explore fantasies I probably wouldn’t engage in in real life.

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It's the individual personality and life-path that leads ppl to modding first and then possibly LL if they're into kink. Age, relationship, financial status really have little or no relevance imo. The only reason I can think why these things might have some bearing is the comfort/confidence level might be different given age/circumstances. For instance peers/authority figures usually have much less influence on an older person's personal preferences than someone much younger.


With that said, I am coming to the conclusion that we all just happen to be 'free thinkers' (for lack of a better term) to different degrees where sex and sexual expression is accepted, discussed and even encouraged in a safe, often supportive environment.

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Interesting... so it appears that the average age of LL consumers/content creators is between 40 and 55. Not sure if that's significant somehow but I do find it quite interesting. I was expecting more people here to be in the 20 to 35 year age bracket...


Anyway I'm.. in my mid 30s and single, and relatively content that way. To answer something no one else on here seems to have answered, or confirmed rather, I first started looking at dirty images of females when I was about 13 or 14 (that's only because that was around the time puberty hit me like a tonne of bricks in that regard.. I can still remember the day vividly while I was in class in middle school, the sudden desire for the naked female form I felt and the seemingly instinctual knowledge of how to jack off all of the sudden, since nobody had ever described the act to me, but I digress).


It occurs to me now thinking back that due to the fairly new nature of internet porn back then a lot of the women I was looking at were likely being trafficked, I say this because some of the faces of the women and girls had genuinely uncomfortable and or scared looks in the photos that I can remember and it's not like I was going to specific sites I knew about, I was just typing "porn" in the search bar... Anyway to answer that part of the question I would have to say yes people do indeed seem to be getting started quite young these days and I suspect that has been detrimental to the condition of society over all over the past couple decades for reasons that should be obvious.

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22, male, single. Im wondering how so many of you find partners who are genuinely into porn/adult/kinky games or are even okay with the adult games? I also want a partner whos into one as well but Id never bring it up because I feel like it could easily be a dealbreaker in the relationship if she knew I was massive perv who loves playing adult games.

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