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Unable to Upload Small Video; No Usable Site Support Thread Found So Here It Is

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Sorry for putting this here, but the only thread that appears to have been intended for LoversLab.com website support was closed/locked down 2 years ago for "chatting."


For the past several days, I have been attempting to upload a 254MB mp4 video as part of my response to a multiple-user problem on the SexLab 1.63 Beta 8 thread. When I drag-n-drop it into the "Drag files here to attach, or choose files..." box below my post, it sits there without any progress bar movement for about 2 minutes, then errors out with "Unknown Server Error (Error Code 200)."



I have tried approximately 10 times over the past several days with the same result. Obviously, that function on the website is broken, or being forced into timeout by some internal factor, such as videos banned on that thread, disk full, etc.


Where are we supposed to report stuff like this such that those who can address the issue actually see the report and fix the problem or explain why it's not a problem and what alternate method we should use to post a video that illustrates the fix to a user problem?


PS: The video I'm trying to post shows my character and an NPC in a sexual situation (they be fucking ? ) so posting it to my YouTube channel and hotlinking it in my LL post is not an option, and I am not able to find any video hosting website that accepts game porn except Machinima, but they severely limit/cripple video size, resolution and overall quality so badly that it is pointless to use them.

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Well, thanks for the suggestion, which sounds to me like this:


Me: "Well, thanks for showing me this lovely home, Real Estate Girl, but this garage is not large enough for my Suburban."

Real Estate Agent, smiling brightly: "Well then, you should just drive part of your Suburban! Problem solved!" :classic_biggrin:


The point is that (as I indicated in my OP in reference to Naughty-Machinima's overly-restrictive limitations) I am loath to cripple/degrade/shorten my video.


Besides, I have previously uploaded similar-sized and larger videos to LL, as have many others (e.g. Kokan, who used to upload feature-length 1920x1080 HD 60fps videos of his character dancing almost every day). I do not believe a file size limit is the problem, unless it has been drastically reduced recently.


Can anyone answer two questions please:

  1. What is LL's actual maximum file size on uploaded videos? Where can I find that info?
  2. As an alternative to upoading to LL, what is the name or url of a game-porn-friendly video hosting site that is not just swimming in malware?


If the file size cap is, say, 250MB, I could easily trim 4MB off of the particular video in question here. But your note just says "try a smaller file." I am not able to find a numerical value in the definition of "smaller" in any online dictionary... :classic_wacko: So "smaller" is an impossible, ambiguous, arbitrary rule/limitation to follow/meet.



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6 hours ago, Vyxenne said:



Not sure what browser you're on, but I often get the same error message when trying to upload videos and files on Firefox despite them being well under the 250MB limit. In my case, quickly switching to Chrome to upload my stuff works for whatever reason.

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Yep, that just happened to me too- I got the same error after cutting the video size in half (109MB). I don't have Chrome because Google already knows too much about me and there's no way to "just say no" to their snooping in Chrome, but I'll try some other browser and see.

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I had this error as well recently (using FF) with a 221Mb file. (BC Bodyslide file) The first time it failed with the error 200, but I tried a minute or so later and it uploaded without problem.

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Throwing in my experience as well, as this problem was driving me crazy too in the past month or so (I am using Firefox).
Just like for the others above, my uploads too were randomly (and quite often) timing out/hanging without response.
I gave Chrome a try, and everything worked fine from there.


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Same thing here for almost a month, I can only upload Pics or zip files under 10 MB, anything else give error code 200 .. I have Chrome, Torch & Vivaldi Browsers nothing work .. I just upload what I need in my 4shsre account then share the link, it's a little annoying but not a big problem.

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One could always use an outside site to upload videos to, and then paste a link here. It's not rocket science if just trying to make available information to share.


https://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/30348/babewatch-crew     <---- I over compressed this to around 50mb but it was a proof of concept I made for myself.


Need a Compression tool for videos perhaps? Shrink those sizes down - this isn't Oscar material after all.

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