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Steel Soul Sword

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This mod adds a Steel Soul Sword to the game.




Soul Swords are magical artifacts originally created by the Dwarves as torture tools. The blade is magical energy produced by a Soul Gem, which ignores mundane armor.



You can find it in the Hall of Rumination in Blackreach. It can be tempered.


Screenshots show location hints.


34 base damage with 17 critical. 2.0 critical multiplier. Range is 1.3 and swing speed is 0.85. It cannot be enchanted without the console. Even when done, it cannot be disenchanted.


I am constantly playing with this, so do not expect consistency. I plan to make it like the Dwarven SoulSaber where the enchantment deals most of the damage and produces the blade.




This is for LE and I will not be porting it to SE until I include it in my Content Compendium.


You can port this to SE yourself, but hosting or sharing the conversion will result in consequences.


I will not be providing support for anyone who chooses to port this to SE and I reserve the right to request a takedown of anyone hosting SE ports of my mods without my consent.


"Steel SoulSword", associated original designs, and associated 3D data are all my intellectual property and inherit certain copyrights under United States property law. I can and will file a proper takedown against anyone attempting to deliberately copy or mimic my intellectual property.


"Soul swords" and their design, effects, and other media pertaining to role playing games are my intellectual property. Any deliberate attempts to copy or mimic their design, effects, and other representative media will result in a DMCA takedown.


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