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Best mods for extended NV gameplay

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What all mods for adding content both SFW and NSFW would people here recommend for NV?

Right now I have autumn leaves and desert succubus mods installed along with extra companions, Willow and an extra player home mod from Nexus.


i might reinstall FO3 and TTW from steam later once my desktop is setup; but now am looking for primarily New Vegas centric mods. I’m mostly looking for additional ways to play, quests, companions and extra fun stuff to do outside main story quest. Thanks in advance. 😄

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SFW related I'd look into new vegas bounties and the 'cut content' stuff..

for NSFW I'd advise you to look into the 'list of mods' page I made (shameless plugs)

You can make Willow more NSFW for instance.

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