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Loverslab based RP, characters, and playstyles.

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I was looking for ideas for playstyles with loverslab, how do you play/what kinda roleplaying do you do? I normally just pick out a hot female preset and get Defeat, but honestly since I'm resetting up VR with loverslab, I wanna do a male that might capture various females as personal slaves as i play a bit more normally. If anyone has recommendations for mods or playstyles I'd like to hear them.

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I'd say, Amorous Adventures is the #1 reason to play a male character in Skyrim. Your sex drive will drive you all over Skyrim to the places you've probably never been before.


IMO just adding random slaves will end up being boring quite soon. You could add Mia's Lair to the list - it adds female slaves with unique voices, personalities and quests, and Sasha is so damn adorable :)

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11 minutes ago, phillout said:

I'd say, Amorous Adventures is the  places you've probably never been before.


THAT is the only reason i use it sometimes. Seriously the only reason i found Illia was this mod ? sadly tho it annoys the heck out of me when i play serious Characters.


But if you wanna have slaves.. combine this one with Paradies Halls and just do their quests, get them as lovers and after hat.. Well i would get Sexlab Solutions, the Ebony Blade and just outright rape them to upgrade the weapon and then enslave' em to make the ultimate betrayal ? After that you can whore them out with aggressive prostitution or use them as sacrifices for immersive daedra worship. Last mod gives you even a reason to do so, you get small stat upgrades and buffs.


Edit: Everything is without warranty, i dunno in what length VR works with mods not made for it.

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6 minutes ago, Gukahn said:

THAT is the only reason i use it sometimes. Seriously the only reason i found Illia was this mod ? sadly tho it annoys the heck out of me when i play serious Characters.



I'd just ignore the most bizarre quests.  The best, almost 100% lore-friendly serious quests on my list would be (in no particular order)


1. Camilla.  AA adds a new dimension to her character. No grotesque stuff, just a romance with a pretty village girl who dreams of adventures.


2. Saadia. Gives you a pretty valid reason to save that hotness.


3. Lydia. This mod makes her so cute, seriously. Mara, cooking and sex is all that her mind revolves around. And she's absolutely in love with her Thane.


4. Ysolda. The whole content is in the game, the mod just adds a twist to it.


Quests to probably avoid, since they are really bizarre - even for my tastes. Unless you don't mind quite a bit of a grotesque comedy.


1. Elisif.


2. Mjoll.


The rest is somewhere in between, IMO.



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17 minutes ago, phillout said:

2. Mjoll.


Second that. I would always avoid that one like the plaque.. It's really bizarre. The one i liked the most was Ingrod tho it fucked my favorite Jarls personalty up, i got finally something out of morthal that suited the location. (don't put it in crazy folks.. xD)

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Try this in your load order, Finished it a couple weeks ago and its made to go along sie of AA: 

Sets you up as a gigolo style player.

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