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Man-Maid Boxers 1

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Man-Maid Boxers 1

   --  These Boxers come in a verity of brands, from Mack Weldsim and Fruit of the Room, to Nonsequitur (my fav...)    
A Perfect addition to the Man-Maid series - to combine Vest 1 (tone it down a bit... douse the flame).    --  


This is a custom Big John Body modifications. Since it is a Big John Body, it's EA compliant with Sliders-Zeroed. The augmentation is for this bottom only and his "jewles" vanish when nude or garment change... (for those of you that worry...)    --    

There are 5 variations:  2 Mack Weldsim (one is solid), 2 Fruit of the Room (open weave), 1 Nonsequitur (like other Mack).  

There are two (2) color channels: 1 for waste-band and one for the rest.


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