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Anuketh Greek Goddesses MegaPack - Standalone Followers LE

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I thought I'd never finish this, but here they are! This mod features 10 Greek Deities: Aphrodite, Arachne, Artemis, Athena, Hekate, Iris, Medusa, Nyx, Psyche and Selene.
I really hope you enjoy this mod. This one took me many hours ?

  • I have tested it and there are no CTDs or visual bugs, but it may be incompatible with mods that changes exterior areas where these NPCs spawn.
  • Just download the FOMOD file and install it with any mod manager. If you find any problem/bug, please report it to me (screenshots may be of help).


Join my Discord Server if you want to stay updated on my releases and get access to exclusive and useful content - https://discord.com/invite/ZGpmgM4


Also big thanks to my Patrons and supporters, this couldn't be possible without you!





  • Followers: Aphrodite, Arachne, Artemis, Athena, Hekate, Iris, Medusa, Nyx, Psyche and Selene.
  • Level: 10 and will level up with the player.
  • Marriageable: Yes.
  • Spells: Each one has spells according to their myths (i.e. Arachne & Medusa have paralysis and poison spells).
  • They wear the following clothes/armor:
    Aphrodite → Dibella Amulet
    Arachne → Nothing
    Artemis → Hircine's Armor
    Athena → Tullius Armor
    Hekate → Nocturnal Robes
    Iris → Daugr Armor
    Medusa → Nothing
    Nyx → Nocturnal Robes
    Psyche → Wedding Outfit
    Selene → Monk Robes



Aphrodite - Understone Keep, Markarth (next to the waterfalls in the Jarl's Chambers)

Arachne - Bleak Falls Barrow, Whiterun (inside the giant spider chamber)

Artemis - Falkreath (next to the waterfall outside the town)

Athena - Dragonsreach, Whiterun

Hekate - Falkreath's Graveyard

Iris - College of Winterhold, Winterhold (outside the main hall)

Medusa - Morthal (in the small isle between the Lumber Mill and Falion's house)

Nyx - Nightcaller Temple, Dawnstar

Psyche - Temple of Mara, Riften

Selene - College of Winterhold, Winterhold (ArchMage's Quarters)





Body - Bodyslide Studio
Skin -  Fair Skin
Brows - Hvergelmir Brows
Eyes - The Eyes of Beauty, CN Eyes and Elemental Eyes
Hair - KS Hairdo's & HG Hairdo's
ENB - Picturesque ENB

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  • Special Edition Compatible


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3 hours ago, Ixxi0 said:

don´t have a follower option


It might be caused by her voice type. Try installing RDO (Relationship Dialogue Overhaul) and see if it works :) 

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