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Doubts about compiled CCs

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Greetings, I humbly request the wisdom of the ancients ,,,:grimace:

To build the car museum I have spent a lot of time compiling the CC into "megapackages" of various categories.

My question is, if I want to include new items in a Megapackage, should I redo it entirely or is there any way to include that article in a compilation already made? (as is done in Winrar for example).

I hope the automatic translator is able to make sense of this. :confused:

Thanks in advance

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1 hour ago, Patriguz said:

To build the car museum I have spent a lot of time compiling the CC into "megapackages" of various categories.

My question is, if I want to include new items in a Megapackage,

If understand you right, you want to add additional items in a merged package....

Let's say you have a merged package with cars. Open this with S3PE and say add (import) package and select your new additional car packages.


Hint : If S3PE ask to save always after each package import, say "NO" ! Saves a lot of time and your original file will not be overwritten.


After such, save this file with a different name i.e. CAR_merge_02.package to be sure your "old" file will not be lost.

This worked for me without trouble up to now. S3PE is a very, very good editor and works always prefect for me.

Hope I got your point right !

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This is also a 'way' to remove packages from a merge, but you handle the procedure a bit differently.




Why 'remove' instead of create new? Very good question . . . .


A merged package has to keep track of all the individual files, of the same 'type' from different CC being merged. These are all given unique identifying numbers within that new package. When that package is used and game saves are made using it, there are going to be references in the save looking for specific identifying numbers when it loads. If it can't find a few, usually it's no problem. But if too many changes are made (like an entirely NEW merge being made) then that save could become unstable and after loading, the game could be 'unplayable' with missing lot's, etc.


By using the above procedure to remove a 'single' CC from a previous merge, then the saves using it shouldn't be a problem. If you have many, do a few/merge/load/test/save/repeat.


I've mentioned before my 1st merge was a huge fuckin mess as I made it with everything I had in my package folder and used it for a long time before realizing I wanted much of the CC gone. When I made a NEW merged package - the saves were all fucked, so I suffer my stupidity and try to educate others.



>>>> Since KW is also in this huge merge of mine, I have to do the same as Clydie mentioned above, except instead of adding a new package into it, I'm replacing them and then saving the bloated thing again. With build 409 now being in there, I doubt I'll have to mess with it for a long time if ever.

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