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[Informational] Slow Saving and how to Fix.

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Some people let the game take a few seconds to save even up to a few minutes, but don't know the causes. I'll let you know COMFIRMED REASONS and preventions. 

1. Corrupt but working .esp/esm. Some files you download and install can become corrupt, but still work. HDD/SSD issues. FIX. Backups and HASH/SHA

2. Hard Drive Space , Slow loading.  FIX get a SSD.

2. Old or out dated OBSE .dlls , same as 1. Fix remove unnecessary ones.

3. Installing beta/ corrupt  OBSE installs. I use Current Stable Version: v0021  newer ones keep having issues with mods new and old. Till bugs are ironed out stick with these versions. 

4. Playtime , world objects . Fix  clean up your messes. 

5. Corrupt are bad settings in your oblivion.ini in your documents are profiles.. FIX backup! I recommend SHA and WINRAR!


I have went and fixed all these and my saves are almost always instant even with  100s of MODS installed.Screenshot_5.png.a8ab9274b8817171e2ed5b230fa6f262.png


5. Quick guide how to SHA for files I use MO2 for these , download your favorite hash program RUN it with MO2 and pick files from the explorer++ program bundled with MO2.

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