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Sims 4 Traits

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 This is going to be all New 2022 Trait you can still access the old ones here



2022/01/24- PornStar Trait

Includes Custom image buffs and interaction hope you injoy













High Life Trait

The trait does what it says makes your sim become a real bad stoner?

Added some more interactions




Not part of my High Life Mod on patreon but here is the trait hope you like it

Want early access to the mod consider becoming a patreon
















Here is a trait for you i hope it is all about suddition on other people even your husband or wife but be carefull on the limits that you take on them

it can be very intense


will be adding more to the trait hope you injoy it







SexyThang Trait



SexyThang Trait is the oppiste  trait of Flirty it is more for sexual sims who want a Girlfriend or a Boyfriend for keeps that's basically the trait hope you guys like it


Hoarder Trait is always what i wanted in the sims 4 now it is every wanted a sim to get greedy and collect everything they see and around them people think it is disgusting well here it is LOL..... hope you guys enjoy


Bootycall Trait Just a simple triat to add to your females


SummerFun- If you love summer you will love this trait





My first attempt at making a Trait i hope you like it ?


If there is a problem please let me no


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