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[mod] Bad boy's Hitomi gust mashup cut

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Bad boy's Hitomi gust mashup cut

cut coat, skirt changed to see-through transparent.
yes, it is a "bad boy" mod with nude body under the transparent thong (mesh 06).
The thong havs mesh clipping problem in extreme position. well, I assumed, by now, a qualified bad boy would know how to cut the thong with g1m_hide.exe any way. Mesh 6!!
or, if your are a gentleman, the transparency level is controlled by alpha of MPR_Muscle_Character_HTMCOS037_c01_kidsalb.g1t, the right side no feature area are for the thong strips. 
Also, this slot has c01,c02,c03, c04 4 underwears to chose, so you can design 4 type of thongs. 

This is a REDELBE layer 2 mod --- unzip inside folder "layer2".


Vagonumero13: rdbtool, g1mtools and REDELBE

Ausgeek: 3dmigoto tools for blender

SaafRats: Nude mod for the core-value part

Team Ninja, SNK: characters and game assets


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