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Guards wont stop attacking after submitting

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so i installed a few mods loaded my already existing save and there were no problems until i noticed i had a bounty on falkreath i dont remember getting it anyways i decided to pay it off and when i teleported to falkreath there were 2 options i submit and youll never take me alive i chose i submit and afterwards there were 2 choices whats gonna happen to me and cant you just let me go regardless of the outcome (having to do a walk of shame or having to pay off 2000 gold by prostitution or just being let go) i would get attack afterwards by the entirety of falkreath tried opening god mode waiting it out coming back didnt work tried the console command set.playergoldcrime 0 or the one to pay off a specific holds bounty but they didnt work one time i managed to get bondaged for walk of shame by a guard but afterwards they didnt stop attacking and i died i tried the same thing again afterwards with god mode and they never gave up on attacking 

any help would be great 



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What Sandatharius said usually works for me in these situations. Flee at high speed to wherever you can fast travel to a safe interior location, idle for a few game day (maybe use it as an excuse to do some storage-chest management or crafting)


And followup: Normal guards or guards introduced by immersive creatures? I've found that the guard patrols introduced by immersive creatures will "go rogue" regularly. Options in those cases? Kill or be killed.  Or if your skills are high enough, you could try  casting calm double fisted.

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PS> IFF you take the "calm" route and it actually sticks (it can require several castings to make it stick to higher order creatures), the time they remain calmed will (IME) be reduced from that of your average deer, rabbit, or even a bear or sabertooth, so I'd recommend that you hightail it out of there as quick as possible once you've done your business. 


For instance, a rhino  (from immersive creatures fwiw)  last night took 4 castings before it stuck, and he or she was back in action after only ~10 seconds, whereas a bear might take twice or three times as long to come out of the spell... Same for humans I've cast it on, a few attempts before it sticks, and when it does they come out of their fugue state within a few seconds.


PS> To give you an idea of where you need to be on illusion spells to get calm to work on higher life forms, my illusion skill is 61, and I have the "works on higher order creatures" perk

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