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Problems with loading bodysuits

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I've never really done bodysuits before. I figured that you just need to load a skelly, load a bodysuit and voila. Well, that doesn't really seem to work for me, and anytime I try to load in Breeze's or T6M it comes out as skewed, weirdly coloured and just bad. The male suit looks low-poly as shit and the Type 6 have this weird, gray underwear (both in the nude and the non-nude setting).
Using the '97 bodies fixes those problems, but I would like to know how to use bodysuits.

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Find the prepackaged bodysuit meshes and replace them with your own nude meshes or turn them off. They aren't necessary. If you see underwear lines or bad textures either their texture path is wrong or archive invalidation isn't correct. The original male bodysuit would be very low poly compared to more high poly nude meshes made later.

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