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Inactives always starving...

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1 hour ago, Clydie said:

saves his settings also with the game save file

Never thought of it doing that. Thought it saved to library and referenced from there. As Nraas can have multiple saves for each or all of it's mods. If they save as reference files in the NDH, I can't read those, and they aren't the same reskeys as found in library. (


47 minutes ago, landess said:

default settings.

I tend to think the default settings override user settings in too many cases.


I have done what you said, and it is a PITA, as if you forget one setting, it's how it will remain, and still, you can never be certain, as I swear that when I did as you said (a while ago) half of those interactions reset regardless of how and when they were adjusted by me.

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37 minutes ago, LadySmoks said:

I tend to think the default settings override user settings in too many cases.


Once again, as we play differently, I'm well aware your game could be doing things mine doesn't. Just having aging/pregnancy off could keep me from experiencing the mod making 'changes' to itself if that's the case.


With my set-up, I know that once I start a game, import settings, and make changes afterwards - those settings remain in place and I've never had to go back in and 'fix' anything. If I decide to change something - even after many hours in a save - those remain unchanged unless I make the changes myself. Sadly I have no understanding why someone would have to go into the KW settings every time they start a play session and change everything back to the way it was when they last saved and quit.


I had only wanted to make it clear how I use the Import feature, the fact it works on every new game I start, and that it will fail if I try it again on the same game I already had imported to once already. I guess I can add to that - I never have to go in and fix or reset options once I've done so unless by choice.


I know what is working for me sounds like it isn't working for you. Never the less - it does work for me, so I can't point to anything from my experience other than to offer what IS different in our play styles. (EA game settings - not KW)


Also - I was thinking about what you said about Isla Paradiso not working for you. Did you try running it through that 'unlock' program 1st? And since it's a world - I always leave those as Sims3Packs as much as I hate those. Of course - no way for me to tell if having Origin is the problem . . . .

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1 hour ago, landess said:

import settings

That's the problem! I can not import settings! I do not know why. I can make any changes I want while playing. I can export those settings. But, if I then try to import those settings, it says "import failed", and when I exit the game and restart my game, any changes made while playing the game are gone! It goes back to whatever settings were in THAT game before the changes were made, and then... once again... the settings that I saved on export ca not be imported... "import failed". And this is with 408.


My next step will be to find time (never gonna happen) and do a total vanilla no other mods except KW test. Again, my problem being that I suffer through this because 99% of my playing time is spent testing things I'm working on, and rarely actually get a chance to play. 


It's 5 minutes and look at this and that, didn't like that, save, shut down, redo whatever it was I didn't like (1/2 hr to 1 hr), restart and look at it again. Then engage in life... eventually come back and play a little. Not a lot of time to sort through why KW can't import the way Nraas can... and frustrating.

1 hour ago, landess said:

Isla Paradiso

For that, I will need to again find time to sit down and sort out the installation instructions from Captain Sparrow. ))) I may have (probably) did something wrong or missed a step.


Time! Much spent that when I finally upload them, people will ask, "Is that really a Plumbot???"




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19 minutes ago, LadySmoks said:

I can not import settings!


On a new game? I just want to clear that up instead of assume or dance around the issue.

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22 minutes ago, landess said:

On a new game?

On a new game, yes. Sort of. If the settings were not as I wanted, I get whatever they were. As you can not export and import settings to the same game, it's impossible to know if what you adjusted actually remains, and it seems that it does not. And, what I have found, as I travel (you tend to play entirely different theme worlds and don't travel), when I travel, I get a message "there are no settings to import", and I'm honestly not sure what settings I get.


Bottom line is that what I would like to be able to do is the same thing I do with Nraas... As I play, I find a new setting or decide to adjust something and then export as "All" and the date. Those settings can then be imported to ANY game, new, old, whatever. KW simply doesn't do that, and each time I look at menu items, and again, especially the interactions menu, most have reset to whatever they originally were before I changed them.


I can change interactions settings, save them, exit the menu and return and half of the settings are reset.

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9 hours ago, LadySmoks said:

I can change interactions settings, save them, exit the menu and return and half of the settings are reset.

Starting to think that your problem is not caused by KW. There may be something else in your setup what cause this KW settings issue.

Looong ago I read something how modders hide their settings in the game save file by using a space usually not used by the game.

May be exactly this space will be -at least partly- overwritten by another mod or CC.

Do you have to register the animations on game startup also again ?

Another thing is on a version change and after KW have updated the mod in game, one should check the settings adjust them and do a new save with this version since there may are new entries or hidden changes to the settings menu what cause trouble to the "older" settings.

If I start a new game with a new world and start a game, having the mod folder copied in and the last KW setting file into the library, by clicking on a sim to enable KW, I just say enable and then load the settings, then OK. This works for me in one step.


(think we misuse jdw6's thread a little here, sorry for that)


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4 hours ago, Clydie said:

I just say enable and then load the settings, then OK

Perhaps misunderstanding? Yes, if I start a new game, then enable KW, it will import whatever settings had been saved. 


What I can not do... that I can do with Nraas, is to make MORE changes, save again and then use the new settings in any game that is already being played.


As you said, we find new things. So, the way KW is, every old save is set as it is set and can never be changed unless you change everything manually at the beginning of play? Then hope it does not reset when you shut down?



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To retouch the original thinking of sims not caring for themselves...


I need to go through my mods and settings, as a bit of an oddity seems to be happening in my current game. I started a new game series using the downloaded world of Bastport 2. A very heavy CC content game. Basically, a Russian (could be Ukrainian) port city.


I left one of my sims as an NPC in the household (not a roommate). She is part of the household, but I used Nraas MC to simply make her not selectable. She prepares her own meals, goes to work, goes to sleep, goes to toilet, bathes, and is very rarely even showing as yellow mood. She reads and paints. She will take out trash and do normal things! Painting has been the only issue, as I must use my active sim to sell the painting, otherwise it will sit there forever. 


Other games I have played... nothing but whining! Hungry! Have to pee! Falling down tired! Stink clouds!!!

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1 hour ago, LadySmoks said:

nothing but whining

Something that I've noticed, and I'm pretty darn sure it's one of the NRaas mods (at this point, but just a gut feel and it really could've been the enhanced vampire mod interfering, but haven't gotten back to where I can test that... lost all my recent saves and almost all for my entire TS3 playing history... still kinda makes me nauseous thinking about it... sync'd backups the wrong direction, so instead of copying, it deleted...), sigh... anyway... what I noticed is that if I quickly pop over to another household's vampire sim to "nudge" into a certain direction all his motive sliders are in the middle and he's got exhausted and thirsty moodlets, so I max those out.  Then when I go back to mine... and then when the moron doesn't do what I just told him to do and I go back to control him, I find all his sliders are back centered again and the idiot is wanting to go to sleep...


I say I'm pretty sure it's NRaas-related, because I've noticed similar (all motives return to center after switching households) for a long while, longer than using that vampire mod.  I think the other mod just made it more evident.  I've, frankly, never understood EA's mindset when it came to the motive (and relationship, to a lesser degree) ranges.


But, like you @LadySmoks, I'm needing to go back through my mods and settings.  I've got a sneaky suspicion that I saw something somewhere (or tuned something) that adjusted how quickly they get hungry/exhausted... well, beyond reducing KW's exhaustion rate to 1/4 the initial value... seems like (going on memory only) there's something in nraas relativity, but I think I might've done more than that.


One question, for you... ok 2 questions))) What do you have your game's autonomy settings set to? (for the newbs: ts3 menu, options, 4th tab from right, aka "game options", "sim autonomy level") And how do you have autonomy set in KW?  I seriously doubt that you changed your game's options to disable autonomy for the selected sim, but there's so many things to keep track of, I'm mentioning it just in case you somehow accidentally set that.


Since I f'd up my backups (and thus all progress in the world I was playing from an early "init" save I did actually manage to have saved correctly... thus not loosing the house I built... mostly) I've decided to go back to one of the earliest backups (january 2019) and revisit the mods used then vs mods now.  I can say this:  I did a shitton of n00b idiotic fuckups back then... complete with having the wrong version of a core mod, I guess I just ignored that error each time, not having NRaas MC 😮 How did I ever survive?!? Dumping everything into one folder, having duplicates and conflicts... must've been before I learned of delphy's dashboard.  And, gasp, even playing full screen so I can't do squat on the other screens I've had for "ages"...


Anyway, that household had quite a few more than 8, and the one who woke early starving did manage to go find a fridge and *gasp* actually grab breakfast food leftovers. 😮 The more recently created sim seemed to want to grab the hamburger instead of pancakes for breakfast, if I left her to her own coding... hamburger isn't even set as her favorite.  It is for the older sim.  But, it crashed (bad cc is what ts3cla claimed) before I could really notice whether or not other households were "always starving" or not.

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12 hours ago, jdw6 said:

sync'd backups

Thumb drive. Need to update mine, but pretty much an entire TS3 game folder is a snapshot on a thumb drive... Everything in the Sims 3 Folder. And, I have a few of those, with multiples on other laptops. 1 TB storage, I use it. )))


12 hours ago, jdw6 said:

quickly they get hungry/exhausted

There are settings in Nraas Relativity. I'm still playing with them after having an issue and having a problem with skills taking FOREVER. I'm running at .68 speed (I think), and have motives working for that speed, but skills are running at a slowed pace.


Right now, autonomy is set at "off" in the EA options, but "high" in KW. I play with that constantly as sims start doing stupid crap... as they have been recently, and drop autonomy to low. I hate turning it off completely, as I very often enjoy play voyeur and will just click between sims to watch their chosen interactions with each other. Also, not playing a brothel in THIS save, but have found you need autonomy at least on low for whores to do anything without an active sim manager telling them to solicit customers. Otherwise, they just sit around.


FYI, currently in Bastport 2. I'm really exploring this city in this save, as it is my home city. Usually, it has been a vacation city. I must say that I am truly amazed at what I have found so far!!!

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12 hours ago, LadySmoks said:


I was using a network server, but just did when too tired and went old->current instead of current->old... dumbass mistake.  But, oh well.  Took me a bit to figure out why I suddenly had an extra 400GB. 😕  (Considering each save folder is only about 300kb each, that works out to ... uh... I didn't have over a million saves. 😵 I guess something else got nuked as well.


On the plus side, if there is one, I'm discovering that the older Bridgeport game, even though it has a household with 12 sims (10 human, 2 pets) and a house that's much much bigger, the game feels much more stable than in that last world where I only had 2 (1 human & a dog).  Doing a full MC->town->reset all told me I have about 1/3 the number of objects in this world than in the last.  Checking demographics (w/ MC) told me I have about 1/4 the number of sims.


In this last rebuild, I found a "tweaked" copy of KW build 378 that curiosity got the better of me so I tossed that in... it's got other changes I'm not too wild about, so ain't gonna use it for long.  I stumbled upon another 40 versions of KW... and a few older copies of NRaas mods, one of which was a "tweaked" copy of an unreleased "newer" version of Relativity.  That got me digging into the code a bit, which reminded me of some of the settings in it.  I still haven't quite gotten things (even though I imported my last settings from a month ago) to fully feel the same.  Right now, they're not sleeping the whole night.  Hovering over the sleep item (in their queue) says they'll need to sleep until like 5:30am, but they're waking up fully rested at 3am... But I am seeing them go to the fridge and eat more than before.


I'm noticing the same issue I started to see w/ the Bridgeport high-rise apartments (that the last world used) here in Bridgeport itself, that I never remembered seeing before (but maybe I just didn't pay attention).  That is, sims (NPCs mostly, but also inactives) winding up in the hidden room on the 1st floor close to the wall-mounted mailboxes.  It's almost like they're being spawned, generated, placed... whichever... X squares over and Y squares away from the mailboxes, even if that is in a non-accessible room.  Quickest solution is to make the whole 1st floor public & kill the walls, 2nd quickest (what I'm doing) is to make a public room w/ a door around the problem area.


12 hours ago, LadySmoks said:


Ahhhhh.... I've got it "high" in EA's options and "high"... no, wait, just switched that back to "low" (which I'd used months ago) in KW.  Something I remember reading (prob on the dead wiki) was KW's "high" could cancel/ignore the user's direction (treating it more as a suggestion than an order), but "low" would treat the user's direction more as an order, not cancelling/ignoring those actions, while still allowing things to happen on their own if the user didn't give any input.  What I found, at least in the newer versions of KW, was that there are certain actions which KW will clear the entire queue to do, regardless of what setting you have.


As for the "tweaked" versions I've currently tossed into the game... not sure how the heck it was done, but the kw build claimed to be changed in the source... the nraas mods the person tweaked also appear to be source-based changes.  I already had to replace their relativity copy, it was generating "simulate" errors by the thousands (had 5000+ in just a few minutes). Kinda the ole "beware unofficial versions of mods" warning.



Set Speed (10)

Switch Speed On Fast (50)

Relative Skills (all true)

Relative Motives (all false)

Motive Decay Factors (all 1)

Motive Delta Factors (all 1)


Since I lost any actual gameplay saves from the last world, I can't check those settings against how I had it.  But unless Overwatch's import isn't loading things correctly, then those are the same as what I had -- I know I didn't tweak those in the last month.  Still seems like I had changed those settings many months ago.  Hopefully I can find a copy of those settings in one of the game dir backups I still have. 


I think I'm also, now, running w/o the (literal) hundreds of tuning changes I've made.  Semi-forgot to put my own tweaks into this game.  OK, just was too lazy to deal w/ the conflicts I knew would occur.  So, there's still the chance that I f'd up sims feeding themselves.  lol

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