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Mods Overview for Enlit3d's Heroine Rescue Team (HRT)

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Here is the overview of all the mods that are avaiable on LoversLab for Enlit3d's Heroine Rescue Team (HRT).

On the original mod page from Enlit3d on Reddit  the Reddit spam robot started deleting a lot of mods 😞 Currently on LoversLab you only find my mods but I will try to also collect mods from other modders if allowed and if possible...


How to get the game and how to install Mods: How to mod Enlit3d's HRT

You will also still find Mods on the original Reddit Page (the spam bot only deleted mods that used MEGA as its storage): Mods on Reddit

... and have a look to this forum were i post some very nice and funny HRT pictures 🙂Showroom


*** 26.Apr.2021 *** 4 seduce moves in parallel by SureverX (replaces the old seduce mod)

*** 24.Apr.2021 *** Latest WebGL libraries 1.0.0 for better performance by DMC500 aka Buerakus see "Other" section

*** 17.Apr.2021 *** Necklaces V1, Necklaces V2, Necklaces V3, Clothing V1 and  Halos V1 by Splikstick see "Clothes" section

*** 17.Apr.2021 *** new modding project "K-Library" see section "Other" by DMC500 aka Buerakus


Dungeons (...most of these have their own little extras) :
- strange People (SurverX) Strange People
- Gas Wars (Surver X) Gas Wars
- Fist Fight (Demo Dungeon for my Futas...) (Surver X) Fist Fight
- The Beauty and the Beast (Surver X) Beauty & Beast
- Seduce Moves (Surver X) Seduce NEW
- Rough Play (Surver X) Rough Play
- Forced Handjob (Surver X) forced HJ
- Serious Gun (Surver X) Gun
Devices, to do stuff with :
- Monster Device (Surver X) Monster Device
- X-Cross (PowerModder) X-Cross
- PowerModders MadLab6 Devices Madlab6 Demo
Clothes, Armor, Accessories:
- Armor Package (Surver X) Armor
- Futa Shirts and T-Shirts (SurverX) Futa Shirts
- Collar Necklaces V1 - Black, Spiked, Buckled, and Ring Collars (SplikStick) Necklaces V1
- Collar Necklaces V2 - Pearls, Chains, Wood Chips, and Padlocks (SplikStick) Necklaces V2
- Collar Necklaces V3 - Spikes, Metal, & more Spikes (SplikStick) Necklaces V3
- Halos V1 (SplikStick) Halos V1
- Clothing V1 (SplikStick) Clothing V1
Penis 🙂:
- The complete Futa/Penis Package (Surver X) Penis
Custom Body:
- Body Package (Surver X) Body
- Surver X Modding Mall (Surver X) Modding Mall
- K-library extension (DMC500 aka Buerakus) K-Library This mod is an starting project to make more complex mods to Enlits HRT
- Latest WebGL libraries (DMC500 aka Buerakus) WebGl
- How to create an h animation move with prop (witchthewicked) Animation
- Doing your own Mod (... easy guidance for beginners) (Surver X) easy modding
- Modding guides/ tutorials/ examples (Enlit3d) Modding Guide
- Inside Modding... (Surver X) some rules...


Have Fun! 🙂


... and have a look to my Skyrim mods:


SurverX floppy settings                Dancing Penis

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a week ago my hard drive died. I wanted to install the mods on a new disk, but then I noticed that most of it was removed from reddit. Nice that some survived. Good job :)

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Hope isn't totally lost for the deleted posts, you can still see some of them using Removeddit.com. For example, Players Camp - tent area mod leads to a dead post but [Removeddit] Players Camp - tent area mod lets you see the og post. That said, here're some links I was able to recover using this method, mainly links from the original Mods Overview that aren't posted by op/didn't have dead dl links. (Edit: Added another map + weapon mod. Thanks, Reveddit.)












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