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2 hours ago, maddadicusrex said:

If you apply beast feet, please make them an actual part of the body. The mods on Nexus apply them via Looksmenu skin option to your character, but AAF (A sex framework will remove them) and revert to human feet during its operation.

Please don't spread misinformation about stuff you know jack shit about, thank you very much.


Paws are an actual part of the body already, the "skin selection" in LooksMenu uses a native game function to force the player character to use the paw-ed body as their naked skin instead of the race's default one (which points to default human meshes and this has human feet).

The issue you are seeing is that for some ungodly reason AAF spawns a NPC clone of the player and makes the actual player character invisible for scenes involving the player. Thus, the "Player" you see during scenes is not the real one, it's just a NPC clone. Since it's a NPC clone, it doesn't have the paw-ed skin override assigned in LooksMenu, and thus uses the default race nude skin instead (aka the one with human feet).


@Bad Dog
what they meant to ask was that if/when beast-feet body meshes are created, you make them the race's default nude skin (as opposed to turning them into a LM Skin Override and using standard human meshes as the base race skin like Lupines do). Which I assume you were already planning to do anyway, so there's that.

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