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Sexlab Scenes and a small but huge issue !

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I have this problem  with the SL scenes upon starting that the anything you have under the crosshair will stay during the sex scenes ,....




If anyone knows any mod that removes this it would be appreciated ..



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Well, one way is to use console tm to temporarily remove all on screen content

  1. hit ~
  2. Enter tm
  3. hit ~

do it again when you want menus as such displayed again.


note: hotkeys will still work, so at least for "boolean" hotkeys (ie, don't open menus, or menus you know so well you can blindly traverse) you're golden. others you have to avoid or switch back  (tm) to deal with them since their displays will still be there and be active, you just can't see them...


As for just (temporarily) removing the targeting button... that I don't know. I know that Flower Girls and some uninitiated events will produce a "no target' situation via their code, (I think suspect FG even goes so far as to fire off a tm at the beginning, and again at the end to clear the state),  but as to purposefully triggering a "hide target interface only" as a player, I don't know. 


(I'd like to even go so far as to temporarily disabling the "E" key if I could, since it can break zoom-pan if triggered during an animation... ie, that annoying situation from improperly closed animation sequences, where your pan and zoom get screwed up and/or you acquire other player artifacts, that can only be fixed using a crafting station or similar)

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