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My Followers Pack 7 - Standalone Followers - LE

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Seventh follower pack released! I hope you enjoy this one too. I'll be waiting for your feedback!


Thank you for all the support! I hope you're all staying safe ❤️ 


  • Read Emma's story here.
  • Read Lizzy's story here.
  • Read Rhidia's story here.
  • Read Sahora's story here.


>> Check the outfits list here <<



  • Followers: Emma, Lizzy, Rhidia, Sahora and Shera.
  • Level: 10 and will level up with the player.
  • Marriageable: Yes.
  • They wear the following clothes/armor:
    Emma → Penitus Oculatus armor.
    Lizzy → College Restoration Robes.
    Rhidia → Alik'r armor.
    Sahora → Jarl clothes.
    Shera → None.


I've personally tested this mod in both LE and SE versions. Both work fine on my end. If you find any problem/bug, please report it to me (screenshots may be of help).


Emma - Inside Jorrvaskr, Whiterun.

Lizzy - Stendarr's Beacon, The Rift.

Rhidia - Outside White River Watch, Whiterun.

Sahora - Inside Jarl Elisif The Fair's Bedroom, Blue Palace (Solitude).

Shera - North-East Lake of Darkwater Crossing, Eastmarch.








Body - UNPK (Bodyslide Studio)
Skin -  Fair Skin Complexion
Brows - Hvergelmir's Brows
Eyes - The Eyes of Beauty
Hair - KS Hairdo's
ENB - Picturesque ENB

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  • Special Edition Compatible


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  • 6 months later...

Thank you, @nawaaan!


On 10/18/2021 at 6:18 PM, nawaaan said:

The mod says LE but there is some se requirements and the "se compatible" so this mods works for se too?


Originally the SE version was uploaded here, but I ended up making its own page for SE and forgot to change the description, so the answer is no. I'll put the SE version link below:



On 10/18/2021 at 6:18 PM, nawaaan said:

And i wanted to ask if they use the default body preset?


They use the UNPK body (as shown in the pictures), though you can change it by replacing the body (and textures if it was needed).


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