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NanaKochan Race for Skyrim SE

 Not lore at all's Nanakochan are invade to skyrim (NanaKochan Race for Skyrim SE v0.6 Alpha)


LE version goes here


Original Mod Page from FO4

Cause English is not my mother language ,so i'm not good at English. forgive me if my wrong words offend to you




Race Compatibility


There is still no much  slider can adjust so , I suggest you can watch the preview video first ,which can help you know which slider can adjust 
and also very welcome to take pictures to me








This is FO4’s popular anime race, port and remake to the Skyrim

This is pre-launch test v0.6 version and  not yet been completed,

and hiyokomod does not seem to be active on the Nexus anymore,
As a result, there is still no response to the permission letter which I send it  more than a month ago,

so I will wait until update to version 1.0 than release to the Nexus



The original author is hiyokomod 
and I used its model as a base. re-created a lot of expressions according to my own opinion.


And after continuous failure and improvement
I combine the advantages of customization and playability

which is the sixth edition head model published


Since I am not a 3d professional and my PS technology is as bad as shit...

Originally I wanted to learn how to make a race from scratch

So I’ve been thinking about it more than one year ago, and it’s  until nearly three months that I started to get results.(special thanks boombox keep remind me do it ,haha

Since the basic texture and model adjustments of the sixth edition are almost done by me 

So there must be some imperfections, please  point out that if I have the ability to complete it will be updated in the future

Optional body:
Optional CBBE and UUNP
Using the traditional TBBP body, you can replace the model yourself in the Meshes\Xing\NanaRace\Body path





If you have other independent races installed
this the way to compatible with RM slider

You need to open the following file and copy its content and paste it into the file you want to save:

$NanaKochan_ElfEar1Elf EarType1
........................and other prefix is $NanaKochan


NanaRace = sliders\Nana.ini
NanaRaceVampire = sliders\Nana.ini

Nanakochan uses Fair skin, if you need to change it to other skins,
I have included Psd files that can be modified, 
just change the layer to the head and normal maps of the skin you want
it can quickly change



Known issues:
1. After the be a vampire, if you enter showracemenu, it will immediately CTD
And there will be a problem with the different eye color with two eyes


2. There are still slight seams and color different issues. 
If Enb has an option border, you will vaguely see black strokes.

Expected updates:

SMP physical hairstyle,

compressed textures,

Support for ECE
,More extra expression bubble sliders, more customizable sliders 
more and better eye skin textures
,and maybe add more presets

Special thanks:
Yu5h1 technical support

Boombox worked with me on the problem of Normal maps

Ayakaze's commentary on how to avoid independent race conflicts

Blyatman's early normal map drawing

Jiang's test CBBE

Perture's 3dsmax script

Expired6978 and TMPhoenix
on How to make an independent race document

HHaley's fair skin

OutfitStudio by Ousnius

Spongeman131's How to add slider to Racemenu


And all my sponsors, they allow me to delay the production of costume mods, 
so that I can research mods in different fields, and still continue to sponsor and support me

螢幕擷取畫面 2021-03-22 230248.png

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Hello. Like this race in FO4 and will test it as soon as it will be compatibe with vampire transformation.

Have question about ENB you use. I have one with anime effect but it is very hard for my 4gb RAM.

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5 hours ago, crococat said:

Hello. Like this race in FO4 and will test it as soon as it will be compatibe with vampire transformation.

Have question about ENB you use. I have one with anime effect but it is very hard for my 4gb RAM.

SE is Silent Horizons ENB and  LE is Snapdragon

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Good work, its a bit better than the TERA Elin 2 in some ways for the anime asthetic, but one issue is that when in a animation with altered expressions, the blinking of the eyes can tend to overlap in a strange manner, even when the eyes are supposed to be closed.

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now im expecting someone to make a Umamusume mod out of this... great work !


... on a second thought, anyone trying to make Umamusume might get sued by CY... japan yakuza is no joke.

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you can use the new 3ba body if the instructions in the description are followed, just open up mod file, go to the char meshes, and drag and drop the already built in bodyslide body. You do have to build it before dropping it in tho.

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