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Tamirel of Ape (Baka ABC, Henati Creature addon)

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Tamirel of Ape (Baka ABC, Henati Creature addon)

Adds a Chimp- based falmer


Gorilla-based  Troll


Automatic spawning is added to the levellist once, but I don't know if it spawns properly

The white albinos are all over and over again so that they don't get bored on the road going up the high hrothgar.


black-haired chimpanzees wanderring to Springs near kainzGrove Hot Springs Witch's Forest.


Chimpanzees' specs are generally low,


The number is more laid out than the number of

Goblins previously posted


If you're dragging aggression and running away,

you're dragged aggro

where there are other groups Can be chased by dozens of dogs


The placed gorillas have fewer entities, but Trolls and specs adjusted slightly


also include

Hentai Creature(https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5464-more-nasty-critters-special-edition/) addon mod  


you can get this summon spell book using AIM SE(additemmenu) or additem console cheat

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    Baka ABC, Henati Creature(Optionale), Creature Framework
  • Regular Edition Compatible
    Not Applicable


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Why when this mod is installed and I want to load a save, names of the saves is square symbols instead of letters ?

It probably have something to do with Chinese language...


P.S. to be more clear, all exterior saves that should say "skyrim", shows squares, but all interior saves are ok and look as they supposed to look.


EDIT: strange, it just works now.

Edited by Artful Dodger
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