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[mod] Character Body Overhaul

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10 hours ago, Solitude103 said:

There seems to be a difference between how the butt looks with clothes on and clothes off. It seems to flatten when the clothes are off. All I'm using is Character Body Overhaul and Physical Attributes (loaded in that exacted order). I'll share a screenshot with an example. Is there any way to give the butt more depth when nude? Akin to how it looks when clothing is on? or is this intended behavior to prevent clipping? 


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You noticed the butt and not the arms passing through the tits???!! lol 😝

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Clothing mods are not recommended? Got it. Also does the game crash for those trying to use portrait editor?


Update: The crash was cause by the clothing mods. Also, I notice that any changes made in the editor does reflect in-game. Example, I change the butt size of a character in portrait editor. When I activate the debug mode and go the debug butt size menu; it does reflect the change that was made.

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