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[Tobi] MFG Console++ [ModdersResource]

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[Tobi] MFG Console++ [ModdersResource]

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Its better MFG Console for ppl who makes LEWD Videos in Skyrim



its not a MOD its a MODDERS RESORUCES... last time when i uploaded DragonLord MR i got so much spam xDD


Look at videos:








I made this Script for my "Friend" that is making LEWD Videos in Skyrim

so his content can be better and more animated ❤️


If You need help and You make Videos just talk to me on Discord:




Maybe i will create something i already called "FilmStudio Mod"

 Mod that allows you to manipulate every thing and even use Pose2Pose Animation in Skyrim ( i already made it to work in CK so its just GUI implementation <333 )


at this moment:

 PushMeTest -> Scripts that allows You to bind MFG Console to Keyboard Keys ( look at tutorial )

 PuthToTalk -> Script that move your Lips to animate "talking" / "Speaking"



well... its probably waste of time to write about that...

but You need MFG Console and SKSE... waste of time because probably every1 have it...



PushMeTest Download Tutorial:


Push me Test is just my first beta Test


Soon i will add version with MCM but atm. only CreationKit version

You can use ESP file i uploaded to get Expressions You can see on that Video:



ofc. You use NUM Keys to move eyes and brows


NUM 7 and 9 are Brows

NUM 4 5 6 and 8 are Eyes ( ofc. directions for example NUM 4 -> look left // NUM 8 -> Look up etc. )

NUM 3 -> open mouth


If You want to create your own KeyBind Expression just open CreationKit and place XMarker in random location

it does not matter where you place Your XMarker, u just need some reference to hold script ( Quest can do too - but XMarkers are simpler and faster )


Then open your placed XMarker and add script ( QLG_RaceScript_PushModifer or QLG_RaceScript_PushPhoneme )


Every option in Script have description so just hold mouse over Option to see what it do



You can use HotLoading to edit Your keybinds in CK without restarting Skyrim 


PushToTalk Download Tutorial:


Tbh. its nothing big... 


its my Version 4 of the Script that just move Your mouth... its still WIP

Just download Mod and push "B" when You want your character to start Lip animation


Here you can see how it works:




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