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Sneak Preview

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Ashley's Apartment


From the same game (GTA) and in a very similar style as the infamous Broker Safehouse room.

Lots of textures to sort out but that is 90% done. Then i just have to add some positions, room options and get that TV to work.



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Getting the TV to work took a bit longer than usual because the original screen was curved. In a very bad, low-res way.

The solution is as simple as it is radical: rip out the curved mesh and replace it with a flat plane in roughly the same location.

Then you map the original screen texture to the new plane mesh and you have a suitable canvas to project video clips or images with the game's MediaPlayer.





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Last Friday i started working on yet another port. This is known as the "Gamer Girl" room. The original room used fifty shades of pink but i've decided to tone that down a bit to zero.




Anyway, as you can see in the picture, the room features a nice gaming chair.
And that very night, Google Ads started bombarding me with advertisements for gaming chairs. Coincedence or conspiracy? (cue spooky music)
No, i didnt search for gaming chairs and didn't mention them anywhere online.


Of course i took the opportunity to borrow the logo of the company selling those chairs. That'll teach them!


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Another day, another hotel room...




Ported in a few hours, then added a working TV screen and some room options to slide the sliding doors!









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