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Hey all. Due to an unfortunate accident, both my PC and backup HDD are gone. I have literally lost everything when it comes to Skyrim. Many mods deleted or lost to time, including my vast hoard of follower mods :(.

I have a new PC ordered, and should be back up and running by mid March. I guess the biggest decision facing me now is whether to take the plunge to SE finally or stick with LE. But that is neither here nor there.


The main reason I am posting this is to ask you all for a little understanding in advance if I start flooding the forums with mod requests pretty soon. I'm the type that will do a thorough searching on my own, but there will inevitably be a lot of things I simply can't find.


Thanks in advance.

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We have always used our outbuilding as a office/computer room. There was an electrical fire. Total loss.


I'm not complaining,  things could have been MUCH worse, and it could have easily spread to the adjacent garage. We were very lucky to only lose our PCs, printer, ect.

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