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I've always liked the tattoos in ApoKrytia's port of Osare Culcort in LE (see: ApoKrytia's Bodyslide Conversions - Skyrim Adult Mods - LoversLab)

Anyway, I've edited the dds and repackaged the individual tattoos into easy to select items in SlaveTats. So I'm sharing my little package.


You can see the tattoos in ApoKrytia's flickr page here: TESV 2015-03-15 20-49-58-28 | ApoKrytia | Flickr


Should work well with CBBE and 3BBB. I have not tested with any of the UNP variants.


Here's a quick preview of three of them in SE:




- SlaveTats SE


I've assigned credit as best I could. The source dates from 2014. If the author of the tats requests to remove this, I will do so.


Osare Slave Tats 0.1.7z

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