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MCM is bugging out and won't save my preferences now that I've recently breach the 255 LO limit. I looked up toots on Bash Patches and installed Wrye. After many videos, pictorial pdfs, and the main webpage readme for WB I can't find a toot on what the next steps are after successfully creating a bash patch. Do I manually deactivate the merged mods? What if I install new ones, do I rebuild the same patch or make another one and put it beneath the first in the load order? I wish I knew what to do. I can hear my synapsis popping.

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If you change your load order by removing plugins in the middle of a game it may cause you issues later, especially if one of them is a dependency for another mod.  Best is to make your bashed patch at the beginning of your game and delete the plugins then.


What I usually do when merging mods (before starting a new game) is to make my merge or bashed patch, then deactivate the plugin (esp file) in the right pane (using MO2) but leave the mod itself activated in the left pane in case there are meshes/texture/something else that the patch still needs.  Not sure if that's proper or not, but it works.


If you add mods and make a new bashed patch, first make sure you reactivate the mods you merged and de-activated the plugins for.  Then make your new bashed patch.  Then de-activate (but not delete) the plugins that were merged (again).  After activating your new bashed patch, delete the old one.

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In Zmerge one can include resources, likes meshes, textures.

Then you don't even need the mod activated on left side. 

Can be deleted.


mid game I would not recommend a new bash, even not a new sorting with loot.

Better place the mods below the bash. 

References might change and ctd the old saves.

Better way to stay below limit is esp-fe most of the mods, like clothing, followers and so on.


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