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Needing help to fix two .nif files

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Hello everyone,


During the past few days I wanted to bring to light a somewhat eccentric project: porting the Doom Slayer armor into Oblivion.




Here is my progress so far: https://www.youtube....h?v=qYUgAEARnQc


As you can see there are some glitches : the lower back dislocates when the character moves, there is something weird about the right knee, the helmet textures are crap, and the fingers are not rigged.



I have already spent many hours to have a functional result, and I would very appreciate having some help to complete it once and for all!


Here is a zip archive containing all the needed files: https://drive.google...iew?usp=sharing


Thanks for reading!

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Well, there are problems in the geometry itself - there are holes and asymmetric vertices in it.


Then, the vertices of the groin line of the torso have an unbalanced weight. Those. you need to convert all this to poly and edit , since the model is complex. In general, I corrected the weight of the knee and hip, but the geometry is bad there ...

By and large, it needs to be cut in half and mirrored (the good side is on the left, and the wrong side is removed to hell). Or it takes a long time to fix each vertex (on the right side inside the thigh) ...armor e.7z


Do not forget also that the nif-exporter cuts the model along the UV lines, there remain double vertices, i.e. no need to send the model for editing in nif-format.

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Hello, and thanks for your help 😁


I've imported your file in my mod as greaves and I am already very happy with the knee problem fixed because that was the most annoying problem for me.


For the rest, It's complicated to understand the problems since I know almost nothing in 3D modelling.


All I have done here is converting the model from a mod for Fallout: New Vegas, made by someone who has recovered the meshes and textures from the original game himself. His mesh works very well so I imagine that the errors has been induced by myself during the process.


So here is the original file :


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