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[mod] Loading Screens (WIP)

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Loading Screens (WIP)

Just a Mod I felt like making cause I had a spare hour and felt like making a mod, This is a Work In Progress! Let me know what's your favorite image and I'll try to add more of those kind of images in a week or so when I feel I got time.


I know of the Sizing issues!!

I'll fix it before the next addition of images.



How to install:

I remember the first time I manually downloaded a mod so I tried to make as easy as possible:


1. Right Click and Extract the File

2. Drag the Folder into the "mod" folder in Crusader Kings III\

3. Open the Folder and Take out the Descriptor called "Alt Loading Screens" out of the folder.

4. Open the CK3 launcher and click the enable mod button

5. Enjoy the enlarged Pics!!


For anyone trying to create a mod like this you gotta use the image type DDS, it causes unnecessary tears if you don't know that.


Future Versions Will contain more images and maybe even music (probably not)


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10 hours ago, M4rocks said:

Yes, but not really conflict, just one will completely dominate the other, like ones mod will never ever show images in their files, also, whats your favorite image?


You mean from your set? idk. I haven't downloaded it, and you've only put one image in the preview.

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22 hours ago, fred4333 said:


You mean from your set? idk. I haven't downloaded it, and you've only put one image in the preview.

Well I haven't really done that yet cause there is only one aside from the one is properly resized so I don't bother adding he image and I'm busy fixing and doing irl things

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On 1/17/2021 at 6:51 PM, fred4333 said:

So...exactly how many images are in this mod?

There are 10 (not including the image at the beginning) ... I believe that only 9 work though, and there are sizing issues on at least 4. I'm planning to add more images after I get some feedback from people who have downloaded it.

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On 2/13/2021 at 6:17 AM, cgiExDee said:

Is it me or is the extension of 1.0.2 supposed to be ".7z" rather than ".2z"?

Heh, I guess when I renamed the file I guess I wrote it wrong 😓

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