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MMORPGs that you can create muscular female characters in?

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As the title says, I'm just wondering what MMOs out there allow you to create a muscular looking female character beyond just looking slim with close to no definition.


The ones I've found so far are:


  • Guild wars 2 - i recall making one with the Norn race that had decent definition
  • Black desert online - let's you make a fairly muscular female with good defintion
  • Skyforge - from memory i think they let you have a noticeable amount of definition


Would anybody else have any other suggestions?

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7 hours ago, Ascian said:

Phantasy Star Online 2

Oh yes I forgot about that game, i wonder if the upcoming "universe" will expand on the customisation or keep it the same


7 hours ago, Kpnut said:

Final Fantasy XIV but only the Hyur and Roegadyn have access to muscle sliders so no muscly cat girl or dragon girl.

Thanks ii've taken a look and unfortunately the level of muscle definition isn't really as far as i'd like, at most it gives them a toned appearance with very very slightly definition.

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