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NCR CF - Sexout Version 2.5 by Macaca22

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NCR CF - Sexout Version 2.5 by Macaca22

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Since the NCF CF - Sexout Version 2.5 doesn´t exist any longer on nexus i asked Macaca22 for Permission to upload it here on LL he was okay with it.


Have fun


All Credits to Macaca22

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It extends on the NCRCF Quests they only had a simple questline with 3 or so Quests with that Mod they become a fully functional Faction, with more Quests, some with sexual Content. It´s designed for a Female Character, don´t know if you can play it with a Male Character (never tried it :) )


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On 1/29/2021 at 2:38 AM, Elconchetumare said:

Why was it removed from the nexus though?

Gonna say it was the dog companion. Shame because it was in a separate area, not directly connected to NCRCF quests, and would have been easy enough to split into its own mod.

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