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Pronouns, an SKSE gender identity plugin

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I don't feel completely qualified to post this, but I have not seen mention of it here - and here is where I feel it's most relevant in the Skyrim modding community.  I found this post on reddit: Pronouns, a new SKSE plugin, released! It allows a player to select to see he/she/they type pronouns in dialog.  As a supporter of the transgender community (LGBT in general), and with my basic knowledge of some of the folks that frequent LoversLab, I felt it important to mention.


If you don't agree with the mod or lifestyle and can't be civil, please move along and don't comment - we don't care what you think.


Nexus link: Pronouns (SSE, but there are requests and discussion for a LE port)

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Agree its not really political its just a matter of Identity =/

And to be fair if such a mod has a reason to exist then it is here where you can download mods that lets you actuall play Transgender Pc´s. And Edit Npc´s to be one.

Not Part of the Group but that here is a Mod that can be very usefull and appriciatet by those who want to roleplay. Not different from Become a Bard or the Mod that let´s you not be the Dragonborn ect.

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