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Need some helping finding something....


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Welcome to the world that was my pain.  There is a way to shown the text.  It has been a long time, so give me a day to do some digging.


Understand, that while I can probably get you to the point where you can see the Japanese text easily enough, that is where it will end.  The vast majority of all of the lovers plugins are Japanese slang.  Which the machine translator was just stumped by.  I have to do a combo of playing through and literally making shit up based on the machine translation, what I saw and what I "thought" was going on for Bravil Underground.  77-80% of Bravil Underground was made up by me as I was unable to translate anything that made sense.


More on why machine translations are so bad:  https://bunnystudio.com/blog/library/translation/why-is-translating-from-japanese-to-english-so-hard/

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Thanks Greg :)


Just to gauge interest, if I do end up translating all or most of the lovers scripting comments, would there be any interest in me release the translated loverspk.esp and Lovers with PK.esm as a modders resource? It might help to clear up some of these super complicated scripts.

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You can do so, but you'll need to let folks know that it will break the LAPF.  The LAPF has extensive changes (see the change logs) to add features and correct problems from the last version of the Japanese packages.  The esm and esp files in the LAPF are more advanced and upgraded than what is in the Lovers with PK Japanese packages.  Keep in mind, while the change logs do capture most of the changes, it doesn't include all of the. 


Also, keep in mind when you mess with scripts, you risk breaking them.  It may compile fine, but still may be broken.  Not trying to discourage you in any way.  I'm just trying to make sure you are aware.


What you may want to do is compare your translations with what is currently in the LAPF and if it improves things, make a patch.  

Also, note, the Lovers esm file is a cast iron bitch to compile.  Even with the CSE it often crashed.


I'm happy to help, let me know if there is more info you need or something in particular that you are after.

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