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Racoonity, Serah

Racoonity's Workshop: requested UUNP HDT conversions

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On 2/4/2021 at 2:11 PM, Racoonity, Serah said:

I'm sorry to say I had to give up on a couple of projects:


  • SugarNight and Sunrise bikini is using a custom cbbe-based body. I couldn't find its BodySlide preset anywhere and I don't like it enough to force myself to find the correct slider combination, sorry;
  • I had a closer look to Feminine Armor Replacer UNPB -WIP- and Swap Hide Armor UNP UNPB., but they are too vanilla for my taste. 😅 Besides, there are many better UUNP vanilla replacers, imo;
  • As for the Jamella Armor by Hentai, I made the conversion, then I deleted it, because I didn't like it... I made it again, I deleted it again... 🤪I don't know if I'll ever publish it...
  • The Adventurer Maiden Armory (UNP mashup) is a little different: it has some pieces I like and others I don't, so maybe I'll release only my personal picks.

That's all, sorry again. 😌

Those look vanilla because they are vanilla : D Really rare case though, since there's no awful texture cuts all over the place and it looks more like light armor rather than armored lingerie.
One of four is better than none so... thanks and good luck with other projects, yup.

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1 hour ago, Racoonity, Serah said:


Sorry, but I don't like Hentai's work much, except for a a couple of armors, which I added to my to-do list, already. 🙂

No Problem, you're the one doing the work, so its your choice!  :)   I agree that not all of them are worthy of a redux..  We can only through ideas at ya! 

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11 minutes ago, Racoonity, Serah said:


Could you post the original mod thread link, please?
I need to check permissions and stuff. 🙃

ugh.. i downloaded that years ago, back when 7base was on fire...  i have no idea where or who the source is..  sorry.

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5 hours ago, Racoonity, Serah said:


I did something like this, completely on my own, for the upcoming update of the Rubber Facility mod! 😄

 That's rad! Then I'll just wait for the update to Rubber Facility then. 


In the meantime, I have another request. Nokou's Sporty Kitty Leotards in UUNP:  


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32 minutes ago, ClearLtx said:

 That's rad! Then I'll just wait for the update to Rubber Facility then. 


In the meantime, I have another request. Nokou's Sporty Kitty Leotards in UUNP:  



I made a couple of outfits, using parts of Nokou's armors as well (with their permission of course), always for the Facility. 🤣

But sure, Nokou gave me charte blanche on all their work, so I'll simply convert it too, sooner or later. 🙃

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On 1/15/2021 at 3:53 AM, fahrockza said:

Sir I have request this clothes



I thought I could do it, but it's way harder than it looked 😕:

  • the feet mesh is CBBE, so I should have made a new one from UUNP feet; 🦶
  • the outfit is SMP, which wouldn't really be a problem, but it means that bones would need to be redone; 🦴
  • the main outfit has SMP clothing too, so it means I couldn't just ignore that part, as I did for the cape of the "[Ryan Reos] High Priestess Outfit". 👗

It's hard to say it without seeming mean, but I don't like it enough to force myself to fix all these, sorry. 😅😕

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4 hours ago, Racoonity, Serah said:


It was requested already 🙃

Hey, sorry I didn't see it beforehand ❤️ Thanks for the reply tho :'3 I'll be patiently waiting for the conversion, have a wonderful evening!

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