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Colovian Vanguard Armor and Greatswords SE - BHUNP

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About This File

This mod adds a unique set of modular female armor with matching greatswords, ported from "The Legend" by Aeon Soul.
Due to the Graeco-Roman style design and horse motif, I decided to base it on the Colovian culture of Cyrodiil, hence the name.






-Modular female armor set, made from a mix of Light and Heavy pieces, with three different color variants.
-BHUNP Bodyslide options for the armor, with custom Zap Sliders for even further customization.
-Greatsword and scabbard with three texture variants to match the armor sets.
-FOMOD installer with lots of custom options, including ESP variants, texture resolution, and Bodyslides.
-Textures are 4K (with 2K options in the installer), with an optional Uncompressed archive for even higher texture quality (for a performance cost).
-ESP options for various integration, such as crafting recipes or adding to leveled lists, as well as a "no integration" option.
-Optional custom enchantments for the armor's helmet crests and greatswords, with special Set Bonus effects and cosmetic glowing gemstones on the meshes.
-Glowing parts of the armor and swords utilize the "ENB Particle Lights" functionality for even more radiant glow. Requires an ENB version that supports this feature, in order to be visible.
-Custom reshaped helmet meshes for Khajiit, Argonians and Orcs.
-Armor pieces come "packed" in a Misc item "set" that when activated in your inventory, adds that set's pieces to your bags. This is primarily done to reduce Crafting menu clutter, in the versions of the ESP that include crafting recipes.
-All armor and weapons are temperable, and some are enchantable.






RaceMenu (for NetImmerse Override functionality)
CBP Physics
Bodyslide and Outfit Studio (for BHUNP Bodyslides)
UNP-compatible skin textures



MOD VERSIONS: (selected via the installer):


Full version- Adds the armor and weapons, plus special Enchanted versions of the helmet crests and greatswords, each with three different custom enchantments. When wearing a crest and using a greatsword with matching enchantments, you gain a special Set Bonus that adds additional powers to those enchantments. These enchantments are learnable through disenchanting and can be applied to other items, and these Set Bonuses should still work as long as they are the only enchantment the item has (Extra Effect perk and "unlimited enchantment" mods might break the Set Bonus functionality).  The enchanted versions of each helmet crest have glowing eye-gems of three different possible colors (Red, Blue and Yellow), and the greatswords have a glowing pommel gem, with matching enchantments sharing the same gem colors. 


Lite version- Adds the armor and weapons only, with no custom enchantments. However, the "glowing eyes" crests and "glowing pommel" greatswords are still included for cosmetic purposes. The ideal choice if you feel the enchantments are too imbalanced, or just not appealing to you.


Crafting ESP (Full and Lite version) - Adds new crafting recipes for acquiring the pieces. The recipes will only be visible if you meet the level, smithing skill and smithing perk requirements (listed below). Special "randomized enchantment" recipes are included with the Full version ESPs, which also have requirements of Enchanting skill and the Arcane Blacksmith perk.




Loot ESP (Full and Lite version) - Adds the armor and weapons to vanilla leveled lists, for you to find as chest loot in dungeons. This is done via a quest script, so no overwriting of vanilla Leveled List forms and no need for a Bashed Patch. The items will appear when you reach the appropriate minimum level, listed in the table below. In the Full version, you have a chance to unpack a rare Enchanted piece, although the level requirements for these to spawn are a bit higher than normal.




Crafting + Loot ESP (Full and Lite version) - Combines the features of the previous two ESP options, adding the items to loot chests in the world as well as adding crafting recipes for the items.


No Integration (Lite version only) - Doesn't add the items to the world, nor new crafting recipes. You will need to get the items using AddItemMenu or console commands. Ideal for those who aren't interested in gameplay, and just want the armor for appearance. 
Tempering recipes for the items are still included, however.


IMPORTANT: When uninstalling, updating, or deactivating this mod, unequip all items, and remove them from your inventory without dropping them on the ground (e.g. store them in a chest, corpse, or other container). This is especially important for the helmet crests and swords, regardless of what ESP version you are using. Failure to do this may introduce bugs into your save!





Below is a table listing all of the armor pieces and what "Armor Addon" slots they take up. Slot assignment is based on slots commonly used by other modular armor mods such as The Amazing World of Bikini Armor. 




If you want to use the 3BBB Physics version of the BHUNP Bodyslides, please set the "Player Use Slot" to 60 in BHUNP's MCM:




This will ensure that its physics object will not take the same slot as a piece from this armor, causing potential conflicts.



For more detailed info on this mod's features, feel free to consult the Documentation PDF.




Original 3D armor/sword assets from "The Legend" by Aeon Soul
Ousnius and Caliente for Outfit Studio
Bakafactory and Haeun for BHUNP
Humus Cubemaps resource, uploaded to Nexus by Billyro and used according to the permissions given.
denRubi and Smokeybear for testing and screenshot contributions.




Do not reupload any unmodified files from this mod anywhere.
Do not port this mod to any other game.
You are free to make edits to this mod, including but not limited to retextures, conversions to other bodies, and patches for other mods, but you must only upload what files are needed for your edits to work, and link back to the original mod.






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  • Requires
    SKSE, CBP, XPMSSE, Bodyslide, BHUNP, RaceMenu
  • Special Edition Compatible


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Updated to fix some issues with the plackart / lower chestplate weighting (it would stretch/warp with some poses due to improper Spine weights). Install after the main file. If you're using the unpatched version and don't experience said weighting issues, then you don't need to update if you don't want to.

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18 hours ago, lucakro said:

Hi, looks really good. also can you make a list of your textures mods. i try and i try and i cant get it to look good,

IF its not too much trouble.

If you mean environment textures, I'm still using vanilla for most things. The screenshots were taken on a "test profile" that doesn't have a lot of graphical mods. I think the only one I'm using that's in the screenshots is Ancient Dwemer Metal.
For skin textures I'm using a custom edit of Bijin Skin, along with stuff from FAMOUS normals and I think either Pure or Demoniac for the specular map.


13 hours ago, RanceFan said:

Phenomenal mod, but I consider myself lucky for finding this since it's in the LE section of the website despite being SE



Yeah, I realized my mistake, but I don't think I can change what section it's in now that it's posted. For some reason SE's "regular mods" doesn't have subcategories, and I wanted it posted specifically in "Armor and Clothing". I'll be sure to put it in the right area for future SE mods.


12 hours ago, Notoriousbob said:

I'm not much a modder but bu+ compatibility would be a godsend! 

I don't know what "bu+" is, is it a body mod? If so I freely give permission to anyone to convert it to other bodies if they wish, as outlined in the Permissions section of the mod page. In terms of bodies, physics systems, etc, I don't plan on making any additional features or patches.

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Hi, I am using CBBE body, so naturally, I thought I just can modify the armor parts' meshes through BodySlide to fit with CBBE body. But when I launched BodySlide, in the "Outfit/Body" section, there were, indeed, the armor parts, but the "Preset" section was completely empty. I have tried with the vanilla armors and, that time, BodySlide let me choose a preset.

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2 hours ago, adto59 said:

Hi, I am using CBBE body, so naturally, I thought I just can modify the armor parts' meshes through BodySlide to fit with CBBE body. But when I launched BodySlide, in the "Outfit/Body" section, there were, indeed, the armor parts, but the "Preset" section was completely empty. I have tried with the vanilla armors and, that time, BodySlide let me choose a preset.

Try deleting the xml files in SliderGroups folder added by this mod (they all start with CVA). The xmls make it so only UUNP/BHUNP presets show up.

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10 hours ago, adto59 said:

Thanks. Now, it works perfectly.

If you still want the SliderGroup functionality for filtering the different variants (default, 3BBB and No HDT), you can instead edit the xmls and replace the "Unified UNP" groupname field with "CBBE" or "CBBE Bodies" if you want to flag them for CBBE slider presets instead.

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This looks incredible, and I really appreciate the lore-friendliness compared to other asset ports. The in-game implementation looks great as well, I wish more people paid this much attention to detail in their armor/weapon mods, ports or not. Also, ENB particle lights ❤️ I think this is my new favorite armor...

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