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SSE) Goblin Slayer Inspired Goblins(Baka ABC, HC)

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SSE) Goblin Slayer Inspired Goblins(Baka ABC, HC)

vanilla riekling mesh modified to Goblin slayer inspired goblin





Originally thought of spawning randomly and going around by putting it in the level spwn list

like the other creature mod what i posted


but i'm not sure to is it really working fine

so i put them to skyrim world place


I wish to make a some goblin dungeon at least once,

so I was searching for a suitable place


Seems Embershard mine interior is fine, so place it properly and make it as dungeon


there are closer to 30 goblin

so you should be prepared tightly


also include

Hentai Creature(https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5464-more-nasty-critters-special-edition/) addon mod  


you can get this summon spell book using AIM SE(additemmenu) or additem console cheat


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  • Requires
    Baka ABC, Henai Creature(Optionale)
  • Regular Edition Compatible
    Not Applicable


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2 hours ago, Corsayr said:

Need a leveled list to change all the wolf spawns in Skyrim to these guys. 😊





oh YES, what a nice idea.


imma take a look but i'm not to fond of lvled lists


edit: nevermind they are added to the creatures lvled lists anyways, besides, wolves, sabrecats etc.

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38 minutes ago, akspyder said:

Can't really call Hentai Creature optional when it's a required master.  Would have tried this mod but for some reason i haven't figured out yet Hentai Creature causes my characters to stay in t pose even after FNIS

the mod comes with 2 plugins, one is for hentai creatures, disable the GS Goblin_HC plugin
If you are tposing try rerunning FNIS


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4 hours ago, Mur3k said:

Hey, what mod adds these tears and stuff? Can't find it anywhere :/ Thx 

Mods like Spank that ass will add tears during sex (a little more complicated than that, but it will all be explained here SSE version here) but the tear texture it uses are the ZAZ ones. To get these (the ones pictured in this mod) you have to replace those textures with the ones in Estrus for Skyrim. Estrus is supposed to add tears when you are in an estrus machine, but I have never gotten it to work. (but the textures are pretty dope!) 🤭

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12 minutes ago, Outlawer said:

if you didn't use Creatureframework

Cool cool... just didn't need little green dicks in my game. 😅


I really like what you did with the rieklings here, and am looking forward to where this goes.

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