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Follow-Path constraint for penises/tentacles?

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Greetings, modder-types!


With all of the body-scalers available, it's hard to fit all of the animations to all body types. I'm constantly seeing teen and oddly-shaped models with penises emerging out of their navels, lower backs, or the back of the head because the animator didn't account for variation in the torso area/head size of the recipient or the penis size/shape of the giver. 


Considering the base male/female blender models we use are from like 2017, I imagine they must be really difficult to update (or unable to be updated due to some code in the base game), but I figured I'd throw this out there: why not put blender follow-paths on the base models? By doing so, you can make the different vertices/joints of the penis/tentacle line up with the pathway of the vagina, anus, and mouth-to-throat. Extend the paths far enough into the torso and it will easily hold (almost) anything you can throw at it without clipping. It would be one less things for animators to have to worry about, and would increase realism. Thoughts?


EDIT: Not sure why this was moved to request/find, as I'm not really asking for a mod that does this for my game, I'm asking for a community standard going forward, given that I cannot think of a use-case for having penises coming out of the back of someone's head, outside of rule 34.  If I knew who made the original models we use to mod, I'd be requesting a bugfix from them.

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