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Hello everyone! I am not sure why I haven't come here sooner, but I am going to finally do it.

I've been modding fallout 4 for over three years now, with a long break in between. But I've recently gotten back to modding! 


What am I modding? pretty much anything!


- Weapons, 

- Outfits ( Hairs, other stuff )

- CK Quests etc. 


After my long break and lack of appreciation of people who have downloaded my mods in the past. I have decided to set up a PATREON Account. I am currently working on my Resident Evil 2 REMAKE early access pack at my patreon! which means if you pledge you'll be able to download currently over 26 items, excluding other patreon packs, such as.


: Mortal Kombat 11 :

DC Comics :

: Final Fantasy :


There's so much more I am planning to add myself if not from my current patreon supporters. As my pack is close to being finished. You can pledge to me, and based on the tier I will grant you a few commission options based on the tier you're pledged to!. There are multiple tiers and based on those you can request a few mods. and on top of that you'll gain access to my outfits previously released. ( keep in mind my previous mods which I have released a few years ago will stay for free which you can download now from my website )


I enjoy modding. I absolutely love doing that. And I am planning on doing Skyrim mods as well! So stay tuned for that!


Other than that. I am also working on my side project for Fallout 4 which is a quest mod entirely reimagined from RESIDENT EVIL 1 remake. it's a huge project so it's going to take awhile before it gets any official release date!


I will also attach a few pictures of outfits I have created!


If you want more information, and you want to hit me up and ask for more details. Hit me up on discord and you can always support me as a creator at patreon! 


DISCORD : https://discord.gg/cG6Mm3G5xP

PATREON : https://www.patreon.com/BrayanSummers








army of two pack vanderlay.png








MK11 pack.png





Rinoa Render.png

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On 11/29/2020 at 7:42 PM, Konata Inoue said:

Are you charging Patrons for content ripped from other games? 

thats exactly what this is yes. can find ripped models. easy to port a model within an hour or less for a rush job. Ez $$$.


i wonder if capcom would be interested to hear about this?

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