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Sims 4 succubus mod & wicked whims

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Hello This is my first post so sorry if I don't follow standard formatting rules. Anyways ive been trying to create an experience similar to deadly drain within the sims 4. I am not good at coding so I haven't been able to figure out how to achieve this by myself. I want to create a patch that can allow for wicked whims to communicate with this succubus mod https://www.sims4studiodownload.com/succubus/. There is a "drain life" action that allows you to kill your mate after having sex with them but it only uses the default sim sex to achieve this. I want it too play a sex animation when I drain the life of another sim . Also If there is a way to replace the model of a drained sim to make them appear as if they actually had their life drained that would be fairly cool too. The final thing I wanted to ask is since you can only have sex with sims you form a relationship with when I drain my prey's life my sim always gets sad, how to I allow my sim to not grow attached to other sims they intend to drain the life of.

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