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Adult Oriented ARK: Survival Evolved

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Didn't know if this was the correct are to put this, feel free to move if need be of course.


WPGN has hosted an adult oriented ARK server. Running the island map.


Mods include:


Amazonia 2

No Clothes

Ultra stacks

Dino Bars

Better Beacons 2

Eco Trees Lite

Eco's RP Decor

Death Helper Human NPCs


Increased EXP, Harvesting Yield and Tame speed.


PVP is On and RP capture is encouraged.


Details & Connection here:




Being hosted by Host Havoc on a dedicated box.


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3 hours ago, Abominus said:

Have tried to join, didn't work. Do I have to download all mods to be able to join?

It should download them when attempting to join the server, incase it doesn't it's not a bad idea to download them manually. Let me know if it still gives you issues after trying that route.

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21 hours ago, Ankahet said:

Ahhh might be. The client very needs to match the server version. What exactly is it doing?

I cant just join. Will the server be updated to match the current patch anytime soon?


316.31 vs. 318.14

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50 minutes ago, Abominus said:

I cant just join. Will the server be updated to match the current patch anytime soon?


316.31 vs. 318.14

Server is updating version and mods now. Should be back up and available in a few minutes. Apologies for the inconvenience, it has been a busy week xP

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5 hours ago, Abominus said:

Worked fine. When are you all normally online? 

It varies. I work 8-5/6 most days and work has been hell as the property is being sold to another management company, so I have been having to work extra hours and such. That coupled with the fact that we maintain 2 other game servers, one for Conan Exiles and a Tekkit server for minecraft xP But we at least try to pop on when possible and keep them up to date.

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22 minutes ago, Abominus said:

OK, maybe I will be there from time to time, seems to be an interesting possibility.


We had all mostly the epic version of ARK, but I bought it on steam last sale and wow, all the mods, lovely! 

I wish there were more adult oriented ones for Ark :/ but we tried to put things in for quality of life as well.

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6 hours ago, Abominus said:

I think it only works in the same "cluster", since some servers are only used to allow that on default. But, I have really no idea, what should be changed. Dont bother too much :).

True, didn't think about that. If the server you had them on aren't clustered then they won't be available.

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