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I saw this armor on the Nexus and thought it looked great, but I wanted an option to make it more revealing for futa characters, so in the spirit of my other futa mods I've added a bulge to the black variant of the archer hot-pants, and removed the thong from the archer skirt (and hitched up the front a little) so you can set it to SOS-revealing and have your dick swinging dangerously close to your sword at all times.

Note that this only effects the Black variants of the clothing, and that depending on the size of your hog you may or may not experience clipping, I might make a later version with the skirt hitched higher though.


The original armor is REQUIRED, as are its requirements (3bbb, racemenu highheels) and you can install this by simply dragging-n-dropping into mod organizer and loading it after Daring Gigaduex.

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9 hours ago, OmegaSwordEX said:

Does this include bodyslide files so we can fit your mesh to our body shapes? Or is it just a tacked on bulge regardless of what you've built the original as?

I just edited the 0 and 100 weight file meshes in outfit studio, from my experimenting it seems like it should just work with the original mod's bodyslide files although I've only gone through default CBBE shapes, I use the CBBE curvy preset for this for what it's worth, not the outfit one since it smooths out the nipples.

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This one is made for the CBBE curvy preset but I think it should work with any preset regardless.

Also making your own is really easy to do in outfit studio, just open up the .nif file and use the 'increase mesh volume' tool to make the parts you want to bulge bulge. With ones like this that have a 0 and 100 weight variant you can either edit one of them or edit both to make it so higher weight chars have a bigger bulge.

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10 minutes ago, oblivionwithdongs said:

Which specific files do you need? I'm not very well versed in bodyslide so I just assumed that since I didn't edit anything there it would work with the default ones from the mod.

If you could package these files and post them here, that would be great! Afiak, usually when you edit an outfit in outfit studio, these files would get updated and BS loads these files before you build them.





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32 minutes ago, oblivionwithdongs said:

I've updated the mod with the BS files so hopefully it'll work now, thanks for informing me about this, guess I should see about adding BS data to the other armor I edited.

Thanks but it looks like the changes weren't in the BS files but in the meshes folder themselves. I have made a fix to this. Meshes folder is not needed as those meshes will be different for others when building these meshes with their own preset. Now the bulge will be maintained for any preset. I could have added a slider for the bulge but do not feel like it atm.


Daring Gigaduex Futa BS Files.rar

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36 minutes ago, Jgoftl said:

Yes, I'm using the bodyslide files MeesterYellow provided. This is current result with evrything in proper load order.


Have you tried opening up outfit studio from bodyslide, adding the mesh of your body (*_1.nif), conforming, and then modifying the mesh (outfit) to fit that body? I see a lot of clipping. The schlong shouldn't hang out if you're wearing the main armour piece unless you have it set to Revealing in the SOS MCM menu.

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This was taken before I did any mod configurations. So unless it's automatically read as revealing, this is a clipping issue. I'll try playing around with outfit studio to see if I can fix it but I'm not going to hold my breath after it wouldn't even allow me to make adjustments to add a belly node to a body, and I followed those video instructions to the letter.

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4 hours ago, Jgoftl said:

So that didn't fix it either. The pant's aren't being recognized as the "main" armor. Only the Shirt or Full armor are.

That is normal. Wearing a shirt or full armour will hide the schlong. Pants by itself will not.


Also, when editing the pants, make sure you delete the body that you imported after fitting the pants and conforming it.

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