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Change Male Moaning

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From what I understand, the "male moaning" for Lovers with PK originates from the Oblivion base game itself (i.e the human male fatigued voice). Is is possible to "change" the male moaning to something else. I heard that the male moan path is Sound>fx>lovers>ns0f. However, I'm not sure what to do from there. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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After checking the Lovers sound files and the esm/esp ...  there are no male Loverssound files.

folder ns0f are female moans.



In the Lovers with PK esp is only one male moan




When you unpack the Oblivion sound bsa you see the 4 files


During sex the game/Lovers use the folder fx\npc\human\gasp\male\  and randomly one of the 4 maon files.

You could replace the files ... but then all moans in the game are changed, also during a fight.



So you create a folder with the new sounds you want.


in data\Sound\fx\Lovers\  you create a new folder,  you can name it   NSmale


Now you need some maon files, browse the Internet, take the sound of porn or movies, or take a microphone and do it yourself. (  or if you are female, ask a male neighbor/friend/work colleague or your brother / father to moan . )

It does not matter how many files you have, the game will select randomly . So you can have one or two or 100 sound files.


Now you need the sound files in the right format.






Not sure if 32bit and 44100Hz is a must,  but it must be wav and mono

You can use a Audio program like  Audacity  to  convert your sound files (if necessary)


Then you put the wav files in your new NSmale  folder.


Now you open the Lovers with PK esp  ( not the esm )

Best you do it with TES4Edit,  but you can also use the CS.   In my pictures above I used TES4Edit .


There you open "sound" and click the NPCHumanGaspMaleStrong

And then you change the sound file path      (  For TES4Edit see the right window in the first pictures  )

there is  fx\npc\human\gasp\male\

And you change it to    fx\Lovers\NSmale            

Save ( you close TES4Edit to save the esp )


Done. You have the new moan sounds in game.



If you have any problems tell us/me


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