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Beeing Female causing catestrophic CTD on startup

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So for reasons unknown Beeing Female is causing a CTD on startup. It's crashing so hard, in fact, that Skyrim isn't even generating a log file before the program self-terminates. This occurs even if the only mods installed are BF and its hard dependencies, so I can eliminate load order as an issue. As I mentioned, Skyrim's log is straight up just not showing up, so I can't post that, but let me know what logs would be helpful in this case and I'll post them.

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I thought it was just me. I am having the same exact problem.  Maybe its a problem with SKSE? At least that's a theory i heard. I have found zero answers to this after searching for hours so for now its staying out of my load order.


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On 10/17/2020 at 10:09 PM, trees said:

So for reasons unknown Beeing Female is causing a CTD on startup.

Bro I told you the exact reason in the other post you made. The dll from that mod is outdated. I also recommended you to check the existing support thread for that mod instead of making a new thread asking why things don't work in that specific mod (because that's why support thread exist for every mod uploaded to this website).


Now if you go to the support thread and check some comments you'll see there is an updated dll file, which should solve the crash at launch you're getting.


@Roadrage512 same, just go to the link above and read about it. The whole support thread is people trying to fix things or reporting broken things with that mod.

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