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Walla Walla Windenburg Series Part 4: Gli Italiani

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Walla Walla Windenburg Series Part 4: Gli Italiani

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I shall honour my Italian ancestry by making these digital dolls; instead of mixing cement or being fashionable. At least I like grappa and know how to make gnocchi. Without further to do, I present to you...


Gli Uomini


Ottone Frinzi



Massimo Pisano



Bagio Regio



Eustorgio Lupo



Nicostrato Vespasiano



Le Donne


Pietra Sabbatini



Bella Tripoli



Delfina Viocellino



Isla Mazzeo



Camilla Genovese




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  • 9 months later...
6 hours ago, Marcoal28 said:

Kind of ugly and looking more like turkish than italian people, without to mention the usual silly american stereotypes of moustaches and spaghetti.

As italian i can say: awful job! :D

Everyone is beautiful! Brutta Vergogna!



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9 hours ago, Geomancer99 said:

nice girls, any plans on making Latinas(i´m Mexican) i´ve been using some edited versions of your and Mrrakkon´s  girls to make them look more like Latinas

I've made some here and there on my main sim download page. One is named Maria Rodriguez and the other is Ciera Valasquez. You can expect a few more not in the up coming batch but the next one.


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