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Errors in new setup


Hello. I'm not new with modding and yet I still get new types of errors and bugs. This time I modded Skyrim SE from scratch. I installed the game on my SSD and have the mods on a HDD (previously I had everything on my HDD). Currently I'm experiencing multiple bugs and errors that I'm gonna list:

1. SOS throws an error every time I start the game about "missing schlong addons" and the SKSE Co-Save being corrupted.
2. After loading a save for the third or fourth time, some mods are missing from the MCM and don't show even after using "setstage ski_configmanagerinstance 1" multiple times.

3. Racemenu isn't saving some changes made to the character. For example changes made to lips, makeup and overlays.


Now... I really don't want to post the entire mod list 'cuz I'm lazy and spent 2 days modding it, right now I wanna know if anyone had similar issues and how to resolve them or if I should take another day to mod it from zero. I really wish there was some guy who you can pay money for him to mod your game without conflicts... That's a profession we need.

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