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38 minutes ago, Titanoboa Serpentes said:

So to say that hook5 is a rip off of ENB is nonsense.


It's not a "rip off" of ENB any more or any LESS than America is Rip-off of England! You just wouldn't have one without the other. Intellectual property theft is the basis of all innovation! Why do you think I don't have a problem with it? Just don't steal MY shit!! lol

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33 minutes ago, Number251137 said:

Yeah, I think that ship sailed a while ago... 

When have you EVER seen an open internet thread stay on topic for more than five or six replies? We need like a bot that moves relevant links to uneditable wiki pages, or something, cuz you're never going to find anything this way!

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9 hours ago, EJAX said:

I couldn't think of a better place to look for horny adolescent boys.


What's "fucked up" is thinking you make money by giving shit away. So you don't like Perkovert because he charges money.. FINE! Then don't pay for it! Live without it! Go write your own, seein'z how you know so much about programming! Or go cry yourself to sleep, and see if anyone cares!

*slow clap* that's the spirit! 

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On 10/19/2020 at 6:44 AM, OysterMug said:

Thanks. The "Security Question" when registering is still unclear. "Mama" or "Administrator" are not questions. How would one "answer" them? Refresh a few times and get bizarre convoluted math questions.


I was able to guess a correct answer to one prompt, but you won't get very many new registrations if the challenge is unanswerable. :(


Upon registering, it directs me to: https://sugarspice.online/misc.php?page=action=help


...a blank page.

I fix the bugs and no more security questions instead E-Mail verification 😃

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