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Updates and requests for my work

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This small update fixes a bug in the texture inside the red circle.

The save data of the attached "paint net" has also been modified, so please use it when you create your own "texture".








Sample (256x256)

I use a wonderful illustration of Mr. "Kase Daiki".


I made a "limited edition" for my personal enjoyment.

If you would like to share it, please click "Like" and rate it.

After confirming who has been evaluated by me, I will attach it to an email and give you a "Card texture changer_V1.1_Limited edition".

Or if you send us an email, we will hand over it directly.

Card texture changer_V1.1.zip New update!

You can also download it from here.


This "MOD" has been confirmed to work properly in both the "DMM version" and the "steam version".
This "MOD" can change the "texture" of the "card pattern" by key operation.


Saved data of "paint net" is included. Please use it as needed.
If the operation of "paint net" is too heavy to use, try setting the resolution to "1/2".
The resolution of one playing card is (512x768). * Please use PNG data as needed.
If you can edit the "texture" yourself, please try it.


If the "application" sometimes crashes while using "paint net", try increasing the virtual memory (page file).
For reference, I will describe my environment.

Physical memory 16GB
Virtual memory 16GB
Full HD triple display. (1920x1080x3)


In the above state, autoplay the casino with "4K + ReShade (DOAXVV5_tyaonyann").
Expand 2 save data included in this mod with "paint net".
* It seems that "paint net" requires a large amount of "virtual memory".
In addition, launch Amazon Music HD and Google Chrome.
It is operating stably in the above state.


Of course, the power of CPU and GPU is also related, so please consider it as a guide only.


There are 5 preset frames in total. * There are 2 slots and 3 free slots.
By renaming the file name of "texture (.dds)" created by another person, you can register it in the preset frame and use it.




Be sure to disable the trial and older versions of this mod.
It also disables conflicting "MODs".




Changing the "texture" of playing cards
K + 9 = next
K + 0 = prev




F10 = Save
Ctrl + Alt + F10 = Reset


---------- Update ----------


------------ V1.1------------


The position of the texture has been adjusted.

The saved data of "Paintnet" has been simplified to reduce the operation and load.


MOD name: Card texture changer_V1.1
Author: tyaonyann (February 25, 2021)

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I played "Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo ~ Fantastic Days ~ PC version" which started service on DMM from today.

The character moves smoothly and speaks a lot! I can't believe that the voice actor of the character in the image is the same as "Sayuri"!





I got a hot spring bath towel!


Mr. "Kazuma"


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