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Presenting Monster Girl Farmer! Milk hucows, collect harpy eggs, and ride unicorns!

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Your farm is failing, but your fortune takes a turn when a starving Monster Girl barges into your home during breakfast. In exchange for taking her in, she'll help you start the world's first Monster Girl Farm! Collect harpy eggs, milk hucows, ride unicorns (in more ways than one)! All this and more await you in this free, comedic, NSFW RPG.

Monster Girl Farmer is currently in development and already boasts complex characters, engaging gameplay, and an open world to explore.


Here's our patreon: https://www.patreon.com/AcademyOfFetishes  If you want to see the full list of fetishes, it'll be on that page.


Play the latest version in your browser (runs on PC and mobile)


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  • Monster Girls!
  • Lactation
  • Tentacles
  • And many more coming soon!

Game Play:

Recruiting monster girls:



Explore an open world, discover new monster girls, and perform four care activities on them -- Converse, Touch, Play, and Chores -- to gain affection points. When you first meet a monster girl, you don't know anything about her, so you have to guess what she likes. But each activity gains affection points, and you can spend these to learn more about the monster girl: their lore; which activities give the most affection points; purchase items like wood from the dryad, cherries from the cherry tree girl; tips, like this character gives double points when you feed her dog food, or that monster girl drains extra energy if you perform the same care activity two times in a row, etc. Spending affection points raises the character's Affection Level, and that unlocks lewd scenes.


Exploring the map:

Each map (the forest map is shown here) consists of landmarks (e.g. A Bright Path) that you can explore. Exploration leads to random scenes, unique items/shops, or discovering new monster girls.


Shops and items:


You can purchase items from monster girls (with Affection Points) or shops (with money). Items can be sold or used in quests -- quests that unlock lewd scenes or more monster girls.

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Version 0.07.00 released!

This release focused mainly on new features: There is an energy bar instead of energy blocks, and there are now status effects in the game! The status effects took a long time to code, but I think it was worth it because it adds depth to the game. For example, if you mess up really bad with a monster girl's care activities, you could get a bad status effect.

Content-wise, I added a new random scene when you explore. It's more of a side quest than a scene, really. There are many choices and secrets to discover (including some lewdness). If you run into a giant statue of an angel in the middle of the forest, you've found it.

Now, there are many random scenes in the game, so chances are low you'll run into this one. But, I envision many quests with similar complexity in the future. It's going to feel like a Western RPG (e.g., Fallout/Skyrim) where you've got multiple quests in progress at the same time. For convenience, I've added a cheat to jump straight to this quest for those that don't want to take the time exploring just to find it.

I think from now till the end of the month, I'm going to add a new random scene of similar complexity and squeeze in some quick features, then do another small release -- if everything goes according to plan, that will be the third released this month. I'll also create a poll so that $1 pledges can vote on which character I add next.

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A week has passed since my previous release, but v0.08.00 of Monster Girl Farmer still adds a variety of new features.

- A lot of people will be happy to hear I added Enoki's picture to the game, and it's beautiful.
- Just in time for Halloween, I've created a spooky scene involving a well. Good luck finding the secret. (It's sexual, but barely -- more atmospheric and fun.) I've added a cheat to the game so you can jump straight to this new scene.
- The pink orchard now has its own exploration scenes. It didn't really make sense to find ponds or green plants there.
- The author of the scene you are reading is now displayed. So far, I'm the only author for the game, but now I feel comfortable asking for community contributions. Interested in adding something to the game? Let me know.
- Now you can leave me feedback at any point by clicking on a button on the sidebar. The end of game/character surveys still exist.


Next month, Sophie the Centaur will return and she'll have a bigger role on your farm. I'll have a poll for $1 pledges to see which feature you think is the most important one I work on next.

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Monster Girl Farmer v0.09.00 released! Sophie being the Centaur of attention

As the terrible title suggests, Sophie the Centaur is the biggest addition of this version, but there were a lot of other features too:

  • Care activities require less clicks to perform
  • The energy bars animate when you lose/gain energy
  • The map was moved to the top of the screen
  • Added a barn and stable location


If you want more details, including spoilers of how to unlock Sophie, check out the change log. And if you want cheats to streamline your gameplay, you can find them here ($5 tier and above).

Here are some miscellaneous things that will be coming soon:

  • New artwork starting next month, unless something unexpected happens. Contract's signed, but she has to drain her queue before she can start. (Man, I'm starting to type like Sophie talks.)
  • You get the barn and stable automatically, but I think this is something you should have to buy from Amy's shop instead.
  • Sophie's ability to hunt for you is not yet implemented.
  • You should be able to sell items.

At least one of those things will be in the next release, so keep your eyes peeled in about 10 days.



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Monster Girl Farmer v0.10 has a whole new task system!

Hello all! The main focus of this release is the concept of tasks. See, in the previous versions, if you wanted to receive items from monster girls, you spent affection points and received an item immediately -- kind of like you were buying something from a shop. Now, you assign them a task, and when they return from it, you'll receive their items.

The idea is to make the game more management-like. Once you've assigned a girl a task (which still costs affection points), you'll need to spend your energy elsewhere before the task completes. I think the shortest task in the game is 150 energy, or about 2.5 full energy bars.  The reason I made it so big is I didn't want the player to feel like as soon as they sent one character on a task, another one returns. With so much time in between, you'll have plenty of time to explore the forest while you wait for them to return.

Anyway, as a famous philosopher once said, "Everyone has a plan 'till they get punched in the mouth." And with this release, I want you to punch me in the mouth... I had a plan for tasks, but I don't know how it will be received, so please leave me feedback by filling out an in-game survey at any time.

There are other features to talk about, but this post is already too long, so I will refer you to the official change log.

The last thing I want to talk about is what to expect in the next release. Artwork! Pride -- my new artist -- is starting, so there will finally be some new artwork! Thank you for your patience on the matter. As for me, I think it's still worthwhile to work on new features. You should be able to sell items and purchase upgrades in Amy's shop. The release after that will add new story content. I know I'm personally looking forward to Fairies moving in and setting up a magic shop. But I don't decide that: it's the pledges that choose the next character. If you'd like to influence the vote, it only costs a dollar.

As always -- enjoy! And don't forget to tell me what you think. Good or bad, it really helps me improve the game.

PS: A special shout out to Coomer Bear. They worked really hard at finding typos that needed fixing.

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Announcing Monster Girl Farmer version 0.11.00! Scarecrow Edition!

I'm really excited about this release because it's jam packed with new features! There's a journal that shows you how many monster girls you've found, their levels, AP, and more. It also shows how much time until tasks end. You can sell items at the General Store (oh yeah, did I mention there's a General Store now?) Let's not forget Amy's shop allows you to buy the first farm upgrade. Hm, what else? A new cheat for $5 pledges: add any item to your inventory at the click of a button. This is like half of the new features, so check out the changelog to learn about everything.

What's next? I expect there to be a new image before the month ends. My one dollar pledges already voted on the next monster girl: Olivia the harpy. So look out for her soon!

Play the latest version in your browser

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Monster Girl Farmer v0.12.00 Released! "She's not mean... Well, yeah, she's pretty mean" Edition

Woo! Thank you for your patience on this release, hopefully the amount of content it adds makes it worth it. Normally, each release adds 4 new scenes. This one adds 8! But there are plenty of other features worth mentioning:

- There is a new wonderful(ly mean) harpy girl added to the game. She'll randomly show up if you have Hanako and sleep.
- A new image has been added of the spider girl.
- You can purchase a chicken coop.
- There are three new items in the game.
- And lots more! For more information about this release, check out the change log.

Play the latest version in your browser

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