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Any good links for apocalyptic/ Mad Max style clothing.


Been playing around with the Woeford world and loving it. I've also searched for Woeford simmies to no avail except for Penny O'Hare.

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2 hours ago, 3rdsimmer said:

Any good links for apocalyptic/ Mad Max style clothing.

What I can do is tag @landess. He plays many different theme worlds, and may... or may not have something to help you if he sees this.

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Use your imagination, and your mad search skills. Things like - Sims 3 mad max clothing - Unfortunately these search words didn't reveal much, so use your brain to find other words which may turn up better results.


Sims 3 biker clothes  -  https://duckduckgo.com/?q=Sims+3+biker+clothes&atb=v209-1&iax=images&ia=images


Sims 3 post apocalypse   /   Sims 3 leather clothes   /   Sims 3 leather boots   /   Sims 3 biker boots






The Sims 3 is an older game - many posts aren't maintained anymore leaving a lot of dead end links. The internet LOVES pushing the Sims 4 in your face. Just be diligent with search words, look at photos/images and start tracking stuff down. Cross reference mod names. When downloading - be careful you ARE downloading files for the Sims 3.


Use Universal Bypass to deal with AdFly usage cock-blocking downloads.


I made a few characters for fun - haven't really gotten into a fully themed save series - it needs a proper world with VERY LITTLE in the way of a normal world. Would best be empty with just a few lots and a desert look. I'll find something when/if I decide to pursue it. I just used the wasteland in the future world from ITF EP for some screenshots. I've found better chest leather but haven't used it yet. The Wez outfit is an EA default outfit from Showtime recolored. I used MC to change some settings as well - Wez uses the female punk hair and his blonde boy has a mix of female clothing/boots(JoshQ) and hair.


Which takes me to the first 3 words of this post - Use your imagination.....



BTW - Thanks for the mention of Woeford - I found a working link and downloaded it. While I enjoy the Strangetown Redux Sims2 world for the Sims 3, this looks promising. I already pushed the Dystopian angle pretty hard on Cronor 'world', but that is futuristic in my view, having many Aliens, Bots, and just a few Humans. Woeford could be used - although it would be easy enough to customize even further with possible lot removals and a few custom lot's to better reference 'The Road Warrior'  (Mad Max 2 to you noobs).





Lastly on search terms: Remember to use both 'everyday' words, and Sims 3 CAS specific words like Outfit, tops, bottoms, etc.

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21 hours ago, landess said:

Use your imagination, and your mad search skills.

I knew you could point in the right direction!

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