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Catsuits Changing Body Shape

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I'm not sure where to put this, but this can been bugging me for a bit now. Ever since updating Devious Devices - Equip, the catsuits have been giving me this issue.


Basically, it changes my body shape whenever I equip it. I've tried to fix it with Outfit Studio, but can't get it to work.




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If the mod updates contain the mesh files again you would have to build them in bodyslide again to get your preset or to add morph data to them if you use racemenu instead of custom preset.


If you updated the mod midgame and rebuilding outfits doesn't fix it check again in new game, updating a mod midgame can cause problems in existing save and some need to follow a procedure to remove old data first.

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4 hours ago, Bluticus said:

I've rebuilt the outfits multiple times but it doesn't fit the catsuits. How do I add morph data? It doesn't get fixed in new games.




BodySlide builds to a preset shape, chosen or defined by you.


If you created and saved the preset you are using for your PC, you're not adjusting the shape using RaceMenu in game and are building the outfit to the same Preset Shape then the only reason for it not to be set to your preset is that the outfit (in this case Catsuit) you're equipping is not the same as the one you are building.


What is name of the catsuit you are wearing? Can you add another to your inventory and drop it, then target it in console? If so, where does it say it comes from?


If you are adjusting your characters bodyshape using Racemenu then when building anything in bodyslide make sure you have Build Morphs checked (bottom left corner)



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